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Trampolines: Low-impact fitness for all ages!

Many think of low-impact exercise – like bouncing on a trampoline – as an ‘easier’ form of exercise. What it really is, however, is just a fitness routine that's gentler on your joints; you don't have to sacrifice on intensity! It's perfect for those new to the world of exercise or pros who just want to give their body a break from more jarring workouts.

Whether you're experiencing an exercise-induced injury or you suffer from creaky joints, low-impact fitness could be the ideal starting point for you.

Low-impact trampoline fitness for all ages – High impact vs. low impact


So what exactly is high-impact and low-impact exercise? High-impact exercises, such as jogging and aerobics, involve both feet leaving the ground simultaneously. Put simply, your feet pound the ground during a high-impact exercise, and they do so a lot! Over time, large amounts of high-impact exercise can place pressure on ankles, knees, hips and the back and neck – potentially causing injury and pain.

Low-impact exercise involves one foot remaining on the ground at all times, such as in strength training and walking. However, trampolining, swimming and water aerobics also fall into this category – as they are very gentle on joints. Low impact exercise – although seemingly simpler – can still burn plenty of calories, strengthen and tone. It represents a brilliant alternative to its high-impact counterpart.

Low-impact exercises are particularly useful for mature-aged people, as well as those recovering from injury.

Low-impact trampoline fitness for all ages – Workouts for home


How can you do a low-impact workout from home? Simply follow our three-step formula for a balanced exercise routine that burns fat, strengthens muscles and improves overall fitness.

1. A low-impact warm up

Begin your routine with a low-impact warm up, such as a 15-minute power-walk around your suburb. Not only does this gently ease you into the workout by slowly bringing up your heart rate, but it also prepares your muscles, which is important for preventing injury.

2. A low impact bounce

After you’re adequately warmed up, head to your Vuly trampoline, which has the perfect, flexible surface for low impact exercise. Complete one of our many trampoline-based routines (like our strengthening exercises for legs, arms and core, as well as interval and cardio workouts), and gather your breath with a five-minute bouncing warm down.

3. Low impact strength and stretching

You’ll need to move to the ground, with a towel or mat to complete the final stage of your low-impact workout. Choose three strength exercises (such as crunches, lunges and push ups) and complete a few sets of each. Then, lengthen out those hard working muscles with a variety of gentle stretches.


Do you have any home-suitable, low-impact exercises that you enjoy? We’d love to know what works for you!

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