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Trampolines: Low-impact fitness for all ages!

Many think of low-impact exercise – like bouncing on a trampoline – as an ‘easier’ form of exercise. What it really is, however, is just a fitness routine that's gentler on your joints; you don't have to sacrifice on intensity! It's perfect for those new to the world of exercise or pros who just want to give their body a break from more jarring workouts.

Whether you're experiencing an exercise-induced injury or you suffer from creaky joints, low-impact fitness could be the ideal starting point for you.

Low-impact trampoline fitness for all ages – High impact vs. low impact


So what exactly is high-impact and low-impact exercise? High-impact exercises, such as jogging and aerobics, involve both feet leaving the ground simultaneously. Put simply, your feet pound the ground during a high-impact exercise, and they do so a lot! Over time, large amounts of high-impact exercise can place pressure on ankles, knees, hips and the back and neck – potentially causing injury and pain.

Low-impact exercise involves one foot remaining on the ground at all times, such as in strength training and walking. However, trampolining, swimming and water aerobics also fall into this category – as they are very gentle on joints. Low impact exercise – although seemingly simpler – can still . It represents a brilliant alternative to its high-impact counterpart.

Low-impact exercises are particularly useful for mature-aged people, as well as those recovering from injury.

Low-impact trampoline fitness for all ages – Workouts for home


How can you do a low-impact workout from home? Simply follow our three-step formula for a balanced exercise routine that burns fat, strengthens muscles and improves overall fitness.

Do you have any home-suitable, low-impact exercises that you enjoy? We’d love to know what works for you!

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