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Trampolines as Cross Training Tools

We all know that a trampoline provides hours of entertainment, but did you know that trampolines also make great cross-training tools?

When you're practising daring acrobatic feats, you want a stabilised environment that is free of those unpredictable or unstable conditions often present outside of the gym. These stunts can be rehearsed over and over in a consistent setting until a desired skill level is reached, providing athletes with a greatly decreased chance of injury. Furthermore, this method of training is fantastic for fostering creativity and confidence in stunts, as the possibilities are endless and the practice methods are easy.

Are weather conditions inhibiting your training? No problem!

A key benefit of using trampolines for cross-training purposes is their year-round availability. This is a great advantage for athletes who passionately participate in sports that are tied to a season. Training on trampolines in the off-season ensures that athletes stay in shape and can fine-tune their athletic skills, regardless of the outdoor conditions.

Want to learn something tricky on a safe surface?

Trampolines are invaluable for avid snowboarders, skateboarders, and related sports enthusiasts that demand that athletes become airborne, as they can learn new stunts safely and effectively. The rebound experienced on trampolines allows the athlete to increase their hang time — a crucial aspect in many board sports. Our innovative Vuly Deck perfectly illustrates these benefits. This in-demand product is made specifically to be enjoyed on trampolines, but can also be used as a training tool for off-season snowboarders. The highly specialised core allows the board to generate a much greater lift than a conventional model, making it easier for athletes to test new tricks in the off-season. Similarly, our Vuly Deck is a fantastic both as a training board and as an individual sport. With its incomparable flexibility, lift, support, and comfort, wake-boarders can recreate the motion of the sport without having to leave home.

Need extra height for stunts?

Gymnasts similarly benefit from trampoline training. The lift associated with a trampoline rebound is unparalleled and can assist gymnasts of all ages with a feeling of weightlessness that is imperative for perfecting risky stunts. The greater spring gives gymnasts more time to complete his or motions-- a vital quality for learning new stunts or perfecting new ones.

Divers are not excluded from the benefits of trampoline training, and this method has been rapidly gaining popularity in recent years. In fact, trampolines are becoming widely acknowledged as one of the most basic diving training devices. They can be used to teach and perfect basic training exercises including arm positions, leg situations, or approaching methods.

Note: do not dive directly onto trampoline surfaces.

Additionally, trampolines provide a gentler, more forgiving surface on which to learn new feats while enjoying the safety of supervision and confinement of nets. Many athletes are injured while improperly practicing tricks on unforgiving environments, such as cement parks, ice-covered ski slopes, or tumultuous waves. Trampolines provide a softer place to land that is much easier on joints, decreasing the chances of injury and pain.

Vuly offers a wide variety of trampolines that can accommodate a broad spectrum of athletic needs. For your convenience, we provide an online catalogue. Contact us today and experience the difference!
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