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Trampolines & The Fire Brigade

Trampolines are notorious for providing hours of family fun, but many people do not realise that they have a long history with saving lives!

Fire brigades all around the world have been using trampolines to aid people who are in emergency situations. Frequently, firemen use trampolines to provide a safe landing for individuals who may be trapped in burning buildings. They position a high-quality trampoline underneath an open window and instruct the person in danger to jump out of the window and onto the trampoline mat. Upon landing, the person is cradled by the trampoline jump mat and gently rebounds until he or she can regain enough balance to stand up and walk away unharmed.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about these fire brigade trampolines is their sheer size. These trampolines are much larger and of a much higher quality than recreational trampolines. These powerful trampolines feature pads on top of the jumping mat to absorb shock and to increase the safety of the jumper.

Do you know of anyone who has been saved by a fire brigade trampoline? How did they describe the experience? What do you think the best thing about fire brigade trampolines would be?
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12 July, 2010 Facebook icon Twitter icon

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