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Pleasant Sights of Albany

Ever wondered why Toyworld Albany is able to maintain the same price for our Vuly Trampoline products and accessories? I bet all of you trampoline lovers out there have answered YES to this question! So why is this the case then?

Well, in response, it is known that Toyworld Albany trampolines are worth the EXACT same price as every other Vuly Trampoline sold in Australia WITHOUT the extra delivery costs. And why is this? Instead of getting charged an excessive freight cost from most places throughout Australia, Toyworld Albany receives stock straight from our factory to their store. Since our Vuly Showroom is based in Brisbane and yet, Toyworld Albany is in Western Australia, it is clear that this freight cost is both fast and free of cost.

Therefore, customers don't need to make any extra charges when they purchase a trampoline from Toyworld Albany. Isn't that great news for all you trampoline lovers! And better yet, Albany is situated in a wonderful area within Western Australia. Albany is located about 409km south of Perth, overlooking some of the world's most magnificent and beautiful natural attractions. From whale watching to fishing, or even revisiting some of the wonderful historical facts of Albany, it's most positive that you will never get bored.

And to add to this enjoyment, you could be bouncing on a low priced trampoline from Toyworld as you overlook some of the world's most beautiful scenery in Albany. Sounds fantastic!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" aria-busy="465" caption="Trampolines are the perfect way to relax overlooking Albany's magnificent tourist attractions."]Trampolines, Trampoline, Trampolines Albany, Trampoline Albany, Albany Trampoline, Albany Trampolines.[/caption]
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