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Trampoline Owners' Mistakes

Jumping on a trampoline is a fantastic to involve the whole family in a fun wellness routine, but many times trampoline owners unintentionally put themselves and other jumpers at risk. Most trampoline accidents are preventable by applying just a few safety considerations.

Never jump on a trampoline when the jumping mat is wet.

Jumping mats can be slick when they are wet, and the unstable surface on which the jumper is landing may lead to falls or injuries.  Never allow children to throw water balloons or buckets of water on the jumping mat.

Always use your trampoline's safety net

If you haven't purchased a trampoline safety net, you may want to consider buying one to increase the safety of your trampoline. Safety nets are crucial safety components and prevent the vast majority of would-be injuries. Safety nets act as arms to keep the jumpers safely in the middle of the trampoline.

Next, carefully clear all debris from the jumping mat before allowing users to access the trampoline. Injuries may occur if the jumper lands on rubbish that has been left on the jumping mat.  By clearing the debris away, you give jumpers a fun, smooth, steady surface on which to land.

What are your favourite trampoline safety tips?  Are there any trampoline safety tips that you would recommend for families with children?


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