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Trampoline Injuries

Although there are many trampoline injuries, these are only caused if your trampoline is not safe! The number one way to ensure that your child is safe whilst bouncing on a trampoline is to always supervise them no matter what. This way, if any accidents do occur, you are there to help your child.

In 2008, a primary school-aged boy in Melbourne suffered a fractured forearm, dislocated elbow and internal bleeding after falling on a trampoline while playing on it. He required surgery three times and had to undergo four months of hand and finger treatment to repair nerve damage.

This incident goes to show that bouncing on an unsafe trampoline can cause major trauma and pain. Make sure that your trampoline is fully equipped and exceeds the maximum safety requirements before you let your children bounce away.

Here at Vuly, we provide top safety on our trampolines. Some of the safety requirements that we include are safety nets, safety pads and our zipped door entrance. Therefore, when you purchase a Vuly Trampoline, you know you are getting 100% safety benefits along with the trampoline itself. See all our current safe trampolines here now!

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