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Basketball Hoops
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Trampoline Competitions

Competitive trampoline sports have experienced a surge in recognition and interest in the past ten years, and trampoline sports are now recognised as a staple in the Olympics Games. Trampoline sports are incredible acrobatic feats performed by highly skilled athletes, and the individual events can greatly vary.

All competitive trampoline routines consist of gymnastic-based stunts. Thee three basic trampoline moves that are expected in these routines are: the straight (the body resembles a straight pole), the pike (the legs and arms are arranged at a 90 degree angle to the body), and the tuck (the knees are pulled into the chest and the arms are wrapped around the legs like a cannonball). Trampoline competitors create routines around these three moves and are judged on their flexibility, agility, and performance.

Trampoline competitors, such as Christie Jenkins, use powerful rectangular trampolines that measure 14 feet by 7 feet. These sturdy trampolines feature thicker steel frames than normal trampolines, stronger surface fabrics, and contain more strong coils to give competitors a higher bounce. These performance trampolines can be incredibly dangerous for inexperienced athletes and are strongly discouraged for general family use.

Have you ever watched trampoline sports on TV?  What do you think about these incredible feats of athleticism?

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