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Incorporate your trampoline into circuit training!

Here at Vuly, we love to explore different ways of exercising! From endurance cardio to intense muscle conditioning, there's a style of workout to suit every person’s needs. However, if you’re looking for a complete workout that improves both your cardio and strength fitness levels all at once, you can’t go past circuit training.

We've looked before at how to both work out on your trampoline and tone specific parts of your body, but today, we zone in on what circuit training is, why it’s one of the greatest all-round workouts and how you can get your trampoline in on the action.

Trampoline circuit training – What is it?


'Circuit training' is a high-intensity, aerobic workout that's based on a circuit of different exercises. Each exercise targets a different group of muscles in the body. For example, one stop may target the arms and shoulders with push ups, while the next may target the legs and glutes with lunging.

Circuit training is called 'high-intensity' for a reason; you must complete as many of the required exercises within the allocated time limit, before moving on to the next exercise.

Trampoline circuit training – Why it's so great?

Circuit training is a full-body workout, because it requires you to put in effort to strengthen muscles and improve cardio fitness. Punching out short, sharp exercises at full throttle is not only great for heart health, but it also improves your overall fitness at a much faster rate.

What does this mean? Quicker workouts with better results!

Trampoline circuit training – How to incorporate your Vuly


Your Vuly trampoline is a valuable addition to a backyard exercise circuit. It introduces a necessary cardio element to work with other strength-focused exercises. Take a look at our example backyard circuit for inspiration!

Example backyard circuit:

Tip: Have a mat or towel set up for ground-based exercises to cushion knees and hands.

On your Vuly: Jumping jacks for 1 minute!

10 second rest.

On the ground: Push-ups for 1 minute!

10 second rest.

On your Vuly: High-knee running for 1 minute!

10 second rest.

On the ground: Sumo squats for 1 minute!

10 second rest

On your Vuly: Tuck jumps for 1 minute!

Repeat 3 times.


Have you attempted a backyard circuit using your Vuly? Which exercises did you incorporate on your trampoline?
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