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Trampoline Accessories by Vuly Play

A Vuly trampoline is a gift that keeps on giving when combined with our fantastic trampoline accessories.

Kids will find brand new ways to play and interact with their trampoline, with Vuly offering accessories from basketball sets to water misters.

We also have utility accessories designed to be helpful, practical, and affordable. See our full range of accessories below and get the most out of your Vuly Trampoline.

 Girl jumping on Vuly trampoline with a range of trampoline accessories


Play Accessories

Utility Accessories


Basketball Set

Kid shooting towards Vuly basketball trampoline accessory

Ever wanted to find something fun and interactive to do with friends and family while bouncing on the trampoline? Well, why not try Vuly’s Basketball Set, one of our most popular trampoline accessories!

The Basketball Set provides many hours of fun for children.

Attaching to one of the Vuly trampoline net poles with screws and bolts, our Basketball Set also includes an extra support pole that clamps onto the net pole for extra sturdiness and support.

Here at Vuly, we can assure children will have the most fun slam-dunking, passing to each other, and shooting while bouncing on their kids trampoline.

Offer more incentive for your children to get off the couch by purchasing a Basketball Set for your Vuly trampoline today.


Basketball Set Games

Kid holding basketball

Our Basketball Set accessory provides countless hours of additional fun for your kids. Here are some creative games that can be played with our Basketball Set.

add Rapid Shots

See who's the quickest shot, most accurate and strongest bouncer – all at once.

One at a time, send each kid onto the trampoline, pointing them to the very edge of the jump mat opposite the basketball hoop.

Within a 5 minute time limit, see how many goals they can score without leaving that spot.

They'll need to bounce hard – being at the edge of the mat – to bring the ball back to their starting mat position. Not as easy as it sounds!

add Trampoline Volleyball

While we strongly recommend a single user on a trampoline at a time, you can still include those who aren't bouncing into unique games.

For example, your trampoline has a built-in safety net that could easily double as a volleyball net – with one person playing from the inside and the other participants outside!

One player stays within the trampoline enclosure with the ball, while other players stand around the outside.

Follow this by drawing a circle around the trampoline with about a two metre distance.

Those outside the trampoline need to work together to score the ball into the enclosure, without the trampoline bouncer being able to return it.

The inside player needs to do the same to them, without hitting the ball outside the two metre boundary.

The team with the most goals after 10 minutes wins.

add Paper Plane Dunking

Another creative way your kids can use our trampoline Basketball Set is with a classic – the paper plane.

The aim is to launch these planes at varying distances and try to sink them head first through the hoop to score a goal.

Your children will love modelling their own distinct paper plane designs, battling each other in deciding who has the most aerodynamic model to win!

add HexVex™ Ball

While bouncing and shooting hoops on a trampoline is plenty of fun in itself, don't let the kids neglect the advantage of the printed icons that are right under their feet!

Create a game where they need to bounce-shoot (or not bounce, to add some difficulty) from a specific icon.

Vary the challenge by calling icons that are closer and further from the basketball hoop. Eventually, shout out icons more quickly than the bouncer can get to – that'll really get the laughs going.

Count out how many goals they can score in 2 minutes, and then swap to another player.


Vuly Deck

Kid bouncing and doing a trick with a Vuly deck trampoline accessory

Are your kids interested in skateboarding (or snowboarding), but you worry about potential scrapes and bruises as they perfect their technique?

Then Vuly’s trampoline Deck is the must-have trampoline accessory.

Let children try real skateboard techniques in the safety of their Vuly trampoline before trying in other environments.

Our Vuly Deck is compatible with all our safe trampolines, is lightweight and soft, while also coated in high-quality EVA foam.

The resistance provided by the board increases your heart rate and gets you used to the feel and motion of having a board underneath your feet.

It also gives you the benefits of improving coordination and balance.


Practicing Skating Tricks

Guy performing a skateboard trick

With the ability to practice tricks without the need for a helmet or safety pads, the Vuly Deck is ideal to try some of the following techniques.

add The Ollie

Ollies are perhaps the most fundamental moves that one can perform on a skateboard or Vuly Deck.

It’s essential to master because it forms the foundation of many other maneuvers—like the kickflip and heelflip.

An ollie requires you to:

  1. Position your front foot near the middle of the board, and your back foot on the tail. Make sure that the ball of your back foot is hanging off the side of the board.
  2. Stand in a crouching position. Try not to bend your back, or stick out your behind, too much.
  3. Lift your front foot first, and then push down your back foot to launch both yourself and the board into the air, as well as tip the front of your board upwards.
    Think of when you stamp down on the end of a board to make the other end flip up so that you can grab it—it’s the same principle.
  4. Pull in your front foot immediately, parallel to the angle of the board.
  5. Pull your knees up towards your chest.
  6. Level out the board with your feet at the height of the jump, and push the board evenly back towards the mat. Try to land completely horizontally!

add The Manual

Performing a manual may look simple, but doing so requires more balance than it appears.

Learning to manual is essential because it builds confidence in your footing and helps you learn how to remain stable—both of which will be crucial when you progress to actually moving on the ground.

A manual requires you to:

  1. Position your front foot towards the front of the board, and your back foot covering most of the ‘curved’ section of the tail.
  2. Bend your knees, and shift your weight to the back of the board, while leaning forwards until the front lifts off the mat. Don’t lean back, even though it feels like you should!
  3. Keep your balance, without letting the tail of your board touch the mat.
  4. Push back down with your back foot until the entire board is once again on the mat.

add The 180

Once your child has mastered the ollie on the Vuly Deck and trampoline, it’s time to take it one step further!

A 180 is where a skater performs an ollie, while spinning themselves and their board half of a rotation.

Make sure that your child has mastered basic Vuly Deck and skateboard techniques and is comfortable with their balance.

A ‘frontside’ 180 requires you to:

  1. Position your back foot in the ollie position.

  2. Position your front foot also in the ollie position, but with your toes hanging about 2.5 cm over the edge of the Deck.

  3. Wind your body in preparation for the spin by turning your front shoulder towards the back of the Deck as you’re crouching.

  4. Jump to begin performing the ollie, and turn your body back as you start. With your head facing forward, allow your shoulders and torso to follow the spin.

  5. Execute the ollie as you normally would, and let your feet follow your body in the frontside rotation.

  6. Land with the front of your Vuly Deck first.

add The Kickflip

For kids just starting to skate, the kickflip is always the one trick that they want to learn.

It’s one of the most well known skate techniques and with the Vuly Deck, kids can practice within the safety of their trampoline.

A kickflip requires you to:

  1. Position the ball of your front foot at the centre of your Vuly Deck and off the board. Angle the front of this foot 45º forward.

  2. Perform the highest ollie that you can, and as you’re doing it, flick your toes off the edge of the Deck and up towards the nose. This may take some time to master!

  3. Get as much airtime as it takes for the Deck to flip. Try pushing your legs down to jump higher, or pull in your knees, if your bounce is too shallow.

  4. Bring your feet back down onto the board when you see it flip back over to land.


Vuly Pulse
A Vuly Pulse up close

Turn up the music during trampoline time with the Vuly Pulse outdoor speaker.

Connecting to a smartphone or compatible music player via Bluetooth or USB cable, the Vuly Pulse streams music at high clarity and at your desired volume.

Attach it to your trampoline and enjoy up to 4 hours of music that can be controlled directly on the Pulse.


Vuly Pulse Musical Games

Girl jumping up and down

Get the party started with a range of musical games courtesy of your Vuly Pulse.

Tune in to some of our favourite games below with this trampoline accessory:

add Trampoline Musical Statues

Based on the classic game Musical Statues, this outdoor version is played on your Vuly trampoline and involves a whole lot of bouncing for added fun.

Put together a playlist of your family’s favourite upbeat tunes.

You can then sync your smartphone with the Pulse outdoor speaker or load a USB with playlist songs and plug it into your Pulse directly, which can be hung effortlessly from the side of your trampoline.

Following the classic rules, a song is played for different lengths of time and while the music plays, each competitor must bounce around the trampoline showing off their best dance moves.

When the game’s ‘referee’ hits pause, everyone must freeze. This can be made quite tricky if a competitor happens to be mid-bounce, and makes for plenty of laughs.

After eliminating competitors one by one who were the last to freeze, the winner is crowned.

add The Bounce — Dance Competition

Get groovy with a rocking outdoor trampoline bounce-dance comp!

A combination of two high energy activities, the kids will love out-dancing each other all whilst bouncing around on their Vuly trampoline.

Choose a dance theme, a music genre or a restricted time frame to mix up the rounds.

Get participants to try and copy famous dance moves while they bounce such as The Moonwalk or The Twist.

add Musical Charades

Musical charades on your outdoor trampoline is a blast for the whole family! The player who will be ‘charading’ begins on their Vuly trampoline whilst the ‘guessers’ remove themselves from earshot.

The charading player then hits play on their Pulse speaker and listens to the next song on the playlist before turning it off again.

The ‘guessers’ return to the trampoline and then must determine which song has been played while the competitor uses only actions to communicate the title and artist.

The ‘guessers’ return to the trampoline and then must determine which song has been played while the competitor uses only actions to communicate the title and artist.


Vuly Mister

Boy bouncing on the Vuly trampoline using Vuly Mister accessory

Stay cool in summer with Vuly Mister, our unique water accessory that sprays a refreshing mist as you bounce or swing.

When designing Vuly Mister, we wanted to create something completely unlike a simple sprinkler system.

Rather than spurting streams of water, which can be uncomfortable by leaving you both partially wet and partially dry, our Mister diffuses fine droplets throughout your Vuly trampoline.

The powerful nozzle on Vuly Mister ensures a wide spray, allowing bouncers to remain wet no matter where they jump.

Vuly Mister securely attaches via laces to your trampoline safety enclosure and net poles.

Simply clip the water pipe down your chosen net pole, plug in the hose, and turn it on.

Even better, Vuly Mister features switch kids can control themselves, so there's no need to go back and forth between the hose tap.

Keep your kids nice and cool in the heat with Vuly Mister today.


Deluxe Tent Bundle

Kids playing inside a Vuly trampoline with tent while mothers supervise nearby

Keep the heat out during the day and the cold at night with Vuly’s Deluxe Tent Bundle.

Our high-quality tent transforms your Vuly trampoline into the perfect cubby house, allowing for lazy summer days or magical camping nights.

Use your tent to turn Vuly trampolines into a fun place to escape the hot days.

The panoramic drawstring windows allow for great airflow during the summer months, keeping children both cool and protected from the sun.

Let your children bring their sleeping bags into the trampoline at night and camp out with friends.

String up some fairy lights and play shadow games, relax and read a book or listen to music in your makeshift hideout.

Kids camping out at night and reading with torches in a Vuly trampoline tent

Want to keep an eye on the kids while they're on the trampoline but still want them protected from the sun?

You can install the tent by only pulling it halfway down the net poles so you can still see inside.

Installation is simple — just slip the tent over the trampoline net allowing you to take it off and pack it away in your free Vuly backpack when you're finished!

You can prolong the life of your trampoline tent by taking it off when not being used.

Read more about our trampoline tent here.



Vuly ladder up close

Our professional trampoline ladders are designed to make it easier to access our trampolines.

For younger users specifically, this accessory is a must.

Don’t rely on unstable and dangerous substitute objects, such as boxes to help children climb into their trampoline.

Even seemingly reliable alternatives, such as small stepladders, can pose a threat to children's safety as they are not specially made for your trampoline.

Our trampoline ladders are specifically designed to hook securely onto the trampoline frame underneath the safety padding.

The attachment uses no bolts and our ladders are light to carry. This allows them to be used as an effective form of user control for younger children.

Our ladders are composed of a sealed steel frame complete with two large platform steps.

Unlike many other ladders on the market, these wide steps come with a unique non-slip grip for extra safety.

The unique drainage holes also help prevent slips during wet weather.


Anchor Kit

A Vuly anchor holding down a trampoline leg

Have total peace of mind your trampoline is safe and secure with a Vuly Anchor Kit.

In the wild winds that we can often have in Australia, anchoring your trampoline to the ground is invaluable.

Our curved brackets and signature corkscrew design mean that they’re incredibly secure once in the ground.

In fact, our anchors are four times as strong as regular anchors. Your trampoline won’t go anywhere with these little saviours!

add How to Install Your Vuly Anchor Kit

Want to keep your trampoline safe in wild winds?

Follow the steps below to correctly install your Vuly Anchor Kit.

1. Lay our and check parts

Lay out all the components of your anchor kit box.

Your kit should include four (4) thick black straps attached to four (4) long, galvanised steel pegs.

2. Insert a peg into the ground

Align a peg in the middle of one of the W shaped legs and in line with the outer frame of the trampoline.

Applying pressure on the peg, firmly screw the peg into the ground until it is completely covered.

If the whole peg won't go into the ground, try to insert as much of the peg as possible.

3. Attach the strap to the trampoline frame

Undo the plastic clip on the strap.

Take one end of the strap and pass it through the curved pole section of the trampoline frame directly above where you inserted the peg.

4. Tighten the strap

Redo the plastic clip. Tighten the strap until it is taut, and jumpers cannot trip over the anchor peg.

5. Secure the loose ends of the strap

Feed the loose end of the black strap back through the plastic buckle to prevent the strap from loosening.

6. Repeat with remaining anchors

Repeat steps two (2) to five (5) for the remaining three (3) anchor pegs.

Ensure that all the anchors are installed evenly around the perimeter of the trampoline.


Safety Skirt

Close up of a Vuly trampoline skirt

The trampoline skirt has been a staple accessory on Vuly trampolines since our very first model.

Not only does it prevent little ones and curious pets from being injured beneath the trampoline, it also adds to the symmetry of your Vuly.

This sleek accessory is easy to attach and roll-up, which means that it won’t stop you from trimming the lawn underneath.


Shade Cover

Up close view of a Vuly Shade Cover

Protect the kids from the full force of the summer sun with a Vuly trampoline shade cover.

Simple to attach and UV resistant, our shade covers are made to be left on your trampoline all-day – rain or shine!

Strong and durable, our shade covers are made from the long-term shade fixtures that you see at commercial resorts.

Combine it with our Deluxe Tent and make an amazing cubby house or a place for magical nights out camping.



Four Vuly trampoline wheel accessories

Effortlessly move your trampoline with our easy to secure trampoline wheels.

Preserve your backyard, keeping grass healthy or to mow without taking apart your trampoline.

Requiring no nuts and bolts to attach, our trampoline wheels allow you to relocate your Vuly trampoline whenever you require.



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