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Tech out your workout: 5 best exercise gadgets

It’s never been easier to kickstart a solid fitness regime. We enjoy an endless range of exercise programs, classes and sources of motivation. We also benefit from the incredible advancements in fitness-minded technology. Heart rate monitoring, personal training tools, workout data management—there's a piece of technology designed to support just about every element of your exercise routine.

Last week we talked about great apps that can increase your bouncing performance and enjoyment, but today we want to share 5 our favourite types of gadgets that boost our motivation, and keep us on the path to an active and healthy life.

1. Exercise gadgets – Fitness wrist watch


Keep track of every workout with one of the many fitness wrist watches on the market. FitBit is one of the most popular purchases this year, but big brands like Garmin, Nike and Microsoft have also developed these compact all-in-one exercise assistants.

They count the your calories you burn, the steps that you take and your heart-rate over the course of your session. Some feature GPS tracking and alarms, while others sync with fitness apps for n in-depth analyses of your workouts.

2. Exercise gadgets – Smartphone armband


If you already have a smartphone, and would rather not go that extra mile for a fitness watch, much of a watch's functionality is also available in standalone apps on your phone. Smartphones can, however, be awkward to carry around during exercise, and often end up falling from pockets or slipping from the top of exercise shorts.

Velcro smartphone armbands can make like simple; they straps onto your arm, and securely hold your phone in place. Most brands are also fitted with a clear plastic cover, which allows you to play your music and count your calorie burn without getting sweat all over your screen.

3. Exercise gadgets – Heart-rate monitor


If you’re looking to track the intensity of your workout, but don't need all the additional bells and whistles, then a basic heart-rate monitor could be the ideal solution.

Whether you’re training for a long distance event, or simply trying to improve your speed and strength, this device can offer vital insight into how hard your body is working, and whether you need to make changes to your regime to achieve those fitness goals.

4. Exercise gadgets – Wireless headphones

For those of us who need some fast-paced beats to accompany our workouts, long and tangled headphone wires can be a constant irritation.

The good news is that sports and electronics companies have developed great quality wireless versions of their headphones, which connect to your device via bluetooth. These fantastic investments will ensure you’ll never become entangled again! You'll want earbuds, as opposed to over-ear models, to ensure that you don't get ruin your new gadgets with sweat.

5. Exercise gadgets – Recovery roller

The old foam recovery roller has come quite a long way! Today’s tech-heavy version uses high-powered pressure and vibrations to ease deep muscle tightness for the ultimate post-workout massage.

Brands like HyperIce feature 3 vibration speeds and lithium ion rechargeable batteries. We often forget about our bodies after the workout is done, but we need a super-powered recovery if we want super-powered results.


What's your favourite gadget to use when exercising? We’d love to hear tech tips from other technology and workout enthusiasts!
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