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How the swing set has changed: Before and after 360 Pro

Most of us have memories of playing on our favourite swing set as a kid – flying higher and higher and feeling the sheer exhilaration of soaring through the air. Swing sets are just as popular today as they've ever been, but how have they improved and come to offer more experiences and safety? 

We wanted to take this opportunity to take a brief history tour through the backyard swing set and look at how we got to the revolutionary Vuly 360 Pro.

The evolution of the swing set

The advanced 360 Pro, with Basketball Hoop

We know from history that swing equipment is not new. In fact, there is pottery that has survived since 1450 BC that depicts someone sitting on a swing. It's astounding to think of how ancient the urge to swing is! It also isn’t restricted to a single culture; people from all around the world have loved to play on swings. Indeed, Greek vases show women and children playing on swings, while in the United States, it was common for pioneer families to use a simple set up of ropes and sticks tied to trees to entertain children.

As the humble swing has evolved, the use of advanced materials  has become more common, and much more interesting designs have popped up. Over the years, swings have been made of tyres, vines, sticks, metals, and simple rope. Head down to your local swimming hole and you are likely to find a rope swing ready for play, slung up by local kids themselves.

The natural wish to fly has been with us through the ages, and it shows no sign of fading. The first playground was built in the United States in the San Francisco Golden Gate Park in 1887, and as our culture embraces more open and green city designs, we can expect many more to come.

Swings of yesterday

Playgrounds since the early days of the 20th century (and even some up until now) have been constructed from materials that are rather unsafe for children; think sharp, uncoated and thin steel. Many adults today can still remember sliding down a hot slide during the day and feeling the raw heat through their shorts, or perhaps being cut by a broken piece of thick plastic.

Thankfully, improvements to safety standards in recent years have made the options available for families markedly safer. Our communities and governments decided that our children need to be safer, and when manufacturers comply, you'll see far fewer injuries on a modern swing set than on the one that you played on as a kid.

Swings of today and 360 Pro

The modern swing set seen in backyards today should have a huge focus focus on the safety of children, with softer materials and a sturdier foundation that helps to avoid injuries. If you're looking to buy a swing set, you may have seen ones like this?

Existing swing sets on the market


While models like this may be stronger and more safety-conscious than the swing sets made decades ago, they don't have much innovation in what you can actually do during play and they still feature many weaker plastic.

Thanks to 360 Pro, there are now new ways to swing and even greater flexibility in terms of accessories and customisation. With the new Vuly swing sets, kids (and adults) have the option of not only swinging, but skating/snowboarding on the Spin Swing, hanging out in the Yoga Swing, or shooting some hoops with the Basketball Set accessory.

There are also other options, like the Nest Swing, if you want to add some variety for your kids. Because the play set is also modular, 2018 is going to see some incredible new attachments that further expand the possibilities for fun.


While we miss those nostalgic days of our youth and playing on a swing set that, let’s face it, had the power to seriously injure you, we’re glad that we've helped to change the times and make swing sets a whole lot safer and a whole lot more fun.

Want to discover the Vuly swing set for yourself? Take a look at our video of it in action and discover the difference that a Vuly 360 Pro can make to your backyard.

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