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Surviving Christmas - A Guide

There are various survival tactics on how to make it through Christmas, an annual occasion where we are often forced to mingle with insufferable family members that don’t get along and try to instil holiday depression by arguing the whole time. Being crammed together in a hot room often contributes to reducing Christmas cheer.

While we might not be prone to freezing cold weather and blizzards in Australia over Christmas, we still have to battle the scorching heat and ensure the fans and air conditioners work. Of course, this should be done prior to opening the presents and feasting with the family. You will also need to stock up on your sense of humour and patience before they all arrive.

Below are some tips for a happier holiday season:

1) How to avoid a burnt turkey

While we hope for the best with the turkey or ham, that they don’t overcook, catch fire or explode, there are ways to do it right. Follow your recipe closely and keep a close eye on the oven. Some tend to heat up super quick like a furnace. If it comes down to an overcooked bird, discard the scorched pieces and stick to the less-dry portions.

2) Install lights correctly and safely

We all know most dads can be clumsy, especially after a few rum balls. Make sure you don’t tangle yourself in the Christmas lights and end up clinging to the roof gutter after slipping from a ladder. It’s best to put up these decorations well before Christmas Eve when some dads are likely to start celebrating with a few rounds. The best present you can give is to yourself, and that includes staying safe. So just relax and enjoy the holidays.

3) Don’t re-gift!

It’s quite possibly the most uncouth thing anyone could do if they didn’t like that set of half-price snow chains they received last year. Wrapping up such unwanted gifts again and giving it to someone else is bad etiquette in any family.

4) Secret Santa is great for families too

If you can’t afford to get everyone a present this year, Secret Santa is a great way to ensure everyone is happy and gets a gift. This practice isn’t restricted to workplaces, especially when you have large families coming together to celebrate Christmas. Make sure a budget is set for presents so no one feels left out or neglected.

5) Be merry with your extended family

‘Tis the season to be jolly… Make Christmas less stressful by being cordial with your extended family and the in-laws. Another tip to avoid potential arguments is to spend long amounts of time in the kitchen helping prepare some of the food. That is if the person at large is not the host or cook! In that case, small talk about how much you enjoy their food is a sure-fire way to flatter them. Other than that, there’s not much else you can do but bite your tongue, grin and bear them. Especially if they give you a shoddy gift...


This should be enough to help you survive… remember Christmas is a time to de-stress, eat well and enjoy the holidays – not a time to worry about dysfunctional relatives. Give yourself some time to do the things you want to do and enjoy a refreshing break from work.







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