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Safety Net Advice

One of the best ways to prevent serious injury during trampoline use is to invest in safety nets which provide a limited space for jumping. To gain the most from your trampoline use without worry of serious injury, it is highly recommended that you attach a safety net to your trampoline, especially when being used by younger children.

There is actually a range of safety net designs in Australia, and while all can be included as 'safety nets' with trampolines, there are certain designs which include superior safety features. These include having fully foam-padded steel supports which are earthed at the base of the trampoline, providing a highly stable net framework, and a durable mesh which can withstand a large amount of applied force. Perhaps the most important feature, however, is for the net to attach to the INSIDE of the springs , thus isolating the trampoline user from the dangers of landing outside the jumping mat limit. Many Australia-wide sports stores do not stock this design of safety net, preferring a net which attaches to the outside of the springs, thus not providing the complete safety of Vuly trampoline safety nets.

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