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Recover with Vuly: How your trampoline can assist with recovery.

Your Vuly trampoline is not only a high-energy workout zone or a fun time for the kids, it can also act as a valuable rest and recovery tool after exercise or as a way to stay active when you're unable to conventially exercise at all.

The soft and flexible Jump Mat is the perfect recovery surface, whether you’re looking to wind down after tough day, take a break from strengthening exercises or zen out with some restful ‘you’ time.

Trampoline recovery – Stretching surface

Standing stretch.jpg

Just like warming up, stretching out is an important component of exercising. It eases your body back into its normal routine and prevents strain injuries, and your spongy Vuly trampoline mat is the surface on which to do it.

Whether you’re lengthening out your lower half with some horizontal stretches, using your trampoline frame as support for some one-legged standing stretches or gently rolling back and forth on the mat for some hip flexing, your trampoline Jump Mat gently supports your stretching recovery.

Trampoline recovery – Low-impact cardio

If you’ve been engaging in strength training, and your muscles are feeling stiff and sore, then turn to your trampoline for some much needed recovery through low-impact cardio training. While you shouldn't go hard all the time, you shouldn't slack off either when you're trying to hit a fitness goal.

Light cardio sessions are a great way to break up more strenuous weight training. It allows your muscles a bit of a rest and asks your heart pick up the slack. Plus, Vuly Jump Mats ensure that your joints and muscles aren’t exposed to hard impacts that could make your muscles and joints even more sore.

Trampoline recovery – Rest and relaxation zone

Listening to music.jpg

Rest is vital for exercise recovery, and your Vuly trampoline offers the ultimate chill zone. Lay back with a blanket and a good book, slow down with some meditation in the breeze or plug in your earphones and tune in to some relaxing music while watching the clouds roll by.

Try integrating these activities into your post-exercise regime, to ensure that you're properly loosening up after a workout. If this tranquility isn't your speed, stick with gentle bouncing movements and flowing stretches to ease your muscles out of action and slowly reduce your heart rate.


We’d love to hear of any creative ways that you recover after exercise with your trampoline. Do you practise yoga on complete physiotherapy exercises on your Vuly? Maybe you use it for a daily exercise warm-down. Let us know!

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