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Pilates... on your trampoline!

Over 11 million people practice Pilates worldwide; 11 million people are challenging their bodies to improve flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness. But how many of those 11 million practice it on their trampoline? They should, because all those ways that Pilates benefits your body also apply to bouncing on the trampoline. They're a match made in heaven! Last week, we spoke about how you can use your trampoline as a springy yoga mat. Today, we apply that same principle to Pilates.

Designed to tone, lengthen and strengthen muscles—with a strong focus on the core—Pilates is low impact, yet tough on body fat! Your flexible Vuly mat will ensure that your joints are protected while you engage those abdominals. It's the right place for a safe and seriously effective Pilates workout. We share some of our favourite Pilates techniques for a speedy at-home session on your Vuly trampoline.

Pilates on your trampoline – Leg Circles

Do 3x one minute sets per leg!

Start by lying flat on your back in the middle of the trampoline. Raising one leg—so that your toes are pointing straight up to the sky—begin to make circle motions, starting small and growing larger. Continue for one minute at a moderate speed, and then lower your leg back down.

Pilates on your trampoline – Hundred


Do one set!

This classic Pilates exercise will get your blood pumping and your abdomen firing! Start by lying on your back. Keep your legs straight and your toes pointed, and then raise both legs slightly off the ground until you feel your core engage. Sit up slightly in a half crunch position, and then raise both arms straight out in front of you, with your palms facing the ground. Pump both arms vigorously up and down 100 times—holding your position. Take a quick break if needed!

Pilates on your trampoline – Ball Roll

Do 3x sets of 10!

Sit in the centre of the trampoline mat with your knees pulled into your chest, toes pointed and your hands holding the front of your ankles. Gently roll back, curving your spine, so that your body imitates a ball. Then, using your abdominal muscles to push yourself back up, roll into the sitting position.

Pilates on your trampoline – Donkey Kicks


Do 3x sets of 10 per leg!

Begin by positioning yourself on all fours (hands and knees) in the middle of the trampoline. Lift your right leg up into the air behind you, while keeping the rest of your body firm and stationary. Slowly lower the leg back down into and hover your knee just above the mat. complete the rest of the set.

Pilates on your trampoline – Standing Jumps

Do 3x sets of 10!

Start by standing with your feet shoulder width apart and your arms up above your head. As you bend your knees, slowly lower your head forward so that it’s down at knee-height. Put your arms out straight behind you. Spring up into a jump, raising your arms up above your head. Land softly, and return to the bent-knee position.


We’d love to hear which other Pilates moves that work well on your trampoline! Let us know when you've tried ours.
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