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Mental health boosters—Ideas for brightening your day when you’re feeling stressed.

Whether it’s a hectic work week, juggling a busy family schedule or just a combination of life’s pressures, when stress finds us it’s hard to escape it. But don’t lose hope when you find yourself feeling overwhelmed—there are things you can do to manage stress, boost positivity and look after your mental health. Tune in to find out more…

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Mental health boosters—1. Put the stress into context

When we are feeling stressed, the sense of panic can often take over rational thinking, being detrimental to our mental health. Don’t let yourself get caught up in emotion, instead, try to gain some perspective and look at the source of stress in the grand scheme of things. Ask yourself, is it really going to matter in a year, or five years from now? Is it really worth getting upset about? ‘Big picture’ thinking can often help us see clarity when we need it most.

Mental health boosters—2. Reassess your feelings towards the stressor

Problems at work, feeling overwhelmed with family duties and money issues are often stress triggers for the average Australian. However, if you alter the way you look at the stressor, you can significantly decrease the negative and unhealthy impact its having on your mental state.

For example, if you’re stressed about a work deadline, remind yourself of how enjoyable the buzz is you get when you achieve your goals in the workplace, how lucky you are to have the opportunity to provide for your family, and how much you enjoy working in a team environment. Reminding yourself of the positives in a time of stress can be hugely beneficial for your ongoing mental health.

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Mental health boosters—3. Take some quiet time

Noise can sometimes amplify feelings of stress, making it difficult for us to think clearly and see the positives in a situation. Allowing yourself some quiet time is a great way to regroup during high pressure situations, and can help you regain control of your mental health when you feel as though your stress levels are spiralling. Whether it’s lying down in a quiet room for five minutes, driving without the car radio on or turning off technology, a little quiet time can make a big difference.

Mental health boosters—4. Catch up with friends and family

Even if you feel like crawling up into a ball or hiding away at home, face-to-face conversation could be just the stress-reliever you and your mental health need. Not only does talking to family and friends provide us with sensory-based stress relief, but they can offer supportive words of encouragement which helps us feel safe and secure.

Mental health boosters—5. Don’t forget to exercise

We’ve spoken before about how beneficial exercise is for our mental health, particularly when we’re feeling burnt out or blue. Even a simple jump on your Vuly trampoline will help to get endorphins flowing and relieve some of that weight you feel on your shoulders—we guarantee you’ll finish up with a clearer mind than when you started.

Have you tried any of our mental health boosters? Which approach works the best for you in times of stress?

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