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Making our incredibly safe trampolines even safer...

Vuly trampolines are exemplars of trampoline safety. With our Thunder Summer's completely gentle edge, Leaf Spring system and super-soft and supportive enclosures on all of our models, every bounce on a Vuly is a safe one. If you have a Vuly trampoline, many  of the injuries caused by old-fashioned, 'traditional' trampolines are a thing of the past.

Today, we take a closer look at how you can make the world’s safest trampoline even safer! Follow our top tips for an injury-free trampolining experience for you and your family.

Our safe trampolines – Teaching basic use

It's important to point kids in the right direction, before they hop on their trampoline. They may not understand that bouncing, if done improperly, can be unsafe. Young boys, in particular, are generally big risk-takers. Keep a special eye out for any seemingly ‘fun’ ideas that they may have—which can involve 'double bouncing' or jumping onto the trampoline from greater heights. Riding bikes on the trampoline or using it as a wrestling mat are all big no-no’s! Read your Vuly manual to teach your kids basic bouncing manoeuvres and dos-and-don'ts before they use it.

Our safe trampolines – Keep the numbers to a minimum


Filling up the trampoline with a large group of bouncing children, while tempting for them, can lead to serious head or limb injuries. It’s much safer to have one child bounce at a time or to engage them in an organised game that doesn’t involve multiple children bouncing at once.

Our safe trampolines – Say ‘No!’ to advanced tricks

There’s a reason that gymnasts train for years before they attempt advanced tricks! Not only do they require developed strength and flexibility, but they can also result in serious injury if not done correctly. Make sure that your kids do not somersaults or flips on their trampoline; sticking to simple bouncing is a far safer way of enjoying your favourite backyard activity. Know their limits and watch for dangerous activities.

Our safe trampolines – Supervise, supervise, supervise!


Finally, supervision is key! Parents can usually prevent most trampoline injuries that are caused by risky behaviour, if a supervising adult sees the signs and is able to step in. Keep an eye on children at all times, especially younger kids who are new to trampolines. It’s also a good idea to encourage older children to take responsibility for the younger ones, and to consistently enforce ‘safe bouncing’ rules.

How do you make your Vuly trampoline even safer? We’d love to hear which ‘safe bouncing’ rules apply in your household!

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