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Lower body resistance band training on your outdoor trampoline.

You’ve just bought a shiny new set of resistance bands, and the thought of using them on your outdoor trampoline is probably yet to have crossed your mind! Let us enlighten you… Not only is your Vuly trampoline a fantastic enclosed space which prevents any painful falls (beginners can often feel a little wobbly when attempting resistance band exercises for the first time), the flexible surface actually requires extra balance, forcing you to engage your muscles even more.

No risk of knocking furniture around the house or twanging a band against an unsuspecting child, plus a more powerful resistance workout—now you’re talking.

 Girl doing donkey kick.jpg
Lower body resistance band training on your outdoor trampoline—Resistance donkey kicks

Based on the original donkey kick exercise, this resistance version on your outdoor trampoline has some extra grunt to really get your behind burning. For this exercise you’ll need one long resistance band with handles.

How to:

  • Position yourself in the middle of the trampoline on all fours
  • Place the resistance band handles in both hands, and hook the stretchy end around one foot
  • Kick the foot with the band around it back behind you, keeping your knee bent and the rest of your body still and rigid
  • Repeat ten reps then switch to the other side

 Girl squatting.jpg
Lower body resistance band training on your outdoor trampoline—Squats

Using a short loop resistance band, these outdoor trampoline squats are extremely effective for burning calories and sculpting your lower half.

How to:

  • Loop the resistance band around both thighs, so you’re standing in the middle of it
  • Step just over shoulder width apart, and sit back as though you’re going to sit on a chair (hold your hands in front of you or place on your hips for balance)
  • As you come back up to standing position, squeeze your glutes to engage them
  • Repeat 3 rounds of 10 reps

Lower body resistance band training on your outdoor trampoline—Split bounces

The perfect combination of resistance and cardio training, this exercise is perfectly suited to your outdoor trampoline’s bouncy mat. You’ll need an extra short loop resistance band for this exercise.

How to:

  • Stand shoulder width apart with the resistance band looped around both ankles
  • Bend your knees for momentum, then spring into the air, kicking one foot forward and one foot back so you’re pulling on the band
  • Land with both feet should width apart, then repeat one the other side. As you continue gather momentum with your bouncing so you’re effortlessly switching between kicking each foot out in front
  • Complete 3 rounds of 10 reps

Let us know if you’ve attempted any of our outdoor trampoline lower body resistance exercises—which was your favourite?

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