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Vuly Trampolines' Christmas games with the kids.

Take the festivities up a notch this Christmas with one of our festive, family friendly games! Perfect for some quality fun with the kids, these activities will inspire plenty of laughs amongst young and old.

Kids' Christmas games – Pin the nose on Rudolf


There's no better game to keep the littler kids entertained! A simple twist on the classic blindfolded challenge, 'Pin the nose...' is simple to make and quick to play.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 Large A2 plain/white cardboard, and 1 A5 red cardboard,

  • Paints and paintbrushes,

  • Scissors,

  • Blu-tack,

  • Blindfold.

How to make and play:

  1. Paint a large reindeer head onto the A2 cardboard, without nose!

  2. Cut a round ‘nose’ out of the red cardboard, and attach blu-tack to the back.

  3. Secure your dried A2 reindeer onto a wall using more blue-tack.

  4. Blindfold the first player, spin them around in a circle three times, hand them the red nose and get set for some laughs!

Kids' Christmas games – Christmas trivia


Have a large family? Christmas trivia is a brilliant game for big numbers, as contestants can work solo or break off into groups. The internet offers loads of handy Christmas trivia printables, so simply select an announcer who is able to locate and print the secret questions, hand out some paper and pencils and you’re ready to go!

A Christmas-themed prize is also a great way to add a competitive buzz, and if you’re feeling extra clever, include some family-themed questions for extra points.

Kids' Christmas games – Candy cane hunt


Kids love treasure hunts. We hunt for Easter eggs on Easter, so why not go searching for candy canes on Christmas? Simply hide a number of candy canes around the home and garden, then let the kids run wild!

To prevent a sugar overload, ensure that the children don’t eat more than one candy cane each, and instead offer up a stocking filler prize to the winner who has collected the most candy canes. You don't want to spoil Christmas day breakfast or lunch.

Kids' Christmas Games – The human Christmas tree

This is a family game sure to have everyone laughing! All you need is one willing ‘Human Christmas Tree’, a timer and a range of common household materials that you can easily transform into makeshift decorations. Think aluminium foil, cling wrap, ribbons, tinsel, etc.

Simply stand the volunteer with their arms out straight, set the timer for 2 minutes and have the rest of the group spring into action, transforming the volunteer into a Christmas tree as quickly as possible. A camera is also a great addition; take pictures of the final result, and keep them as treasured memories!


Which of our Christmas games have you played with the family? We’d love to know the kids’ favourite and any of your own creative, festive games!
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