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Sicker tricks: Intermediate skating techniques for your Vuly Deck!

Have your kids learnt the basic skating techniques from our beginner’s guide to making the most of your Vuly Deck from last year? Well, now it’s time for them to take their skills to the next level! These two tricks are the next practical steps of techniques that we’ve talked about before. Perhaps the two most commonly tried tricks, they’re essential to master if your child wants to learn advanced techniques.

Vuly Deck offers an incredibly safe way for your kids to develop their basic skateboarding ability. Before they put their ollies and shove-its to good use, let them practise the more difficult moves on their Vuly trampoline.

Remember: While it’s safer to try your tricks on a Vuly Deck, they may be a little harder to master without any forward momentum. 

Vuly Deck intermediate skate tricks: The 180


Now that they’ve mastered the ollie on the Vuly Deck and trampoline, it’s time to take it one step further! A 180 is where a skater performs an ollie, while spinning themselves and their board half of a rotation.

Make sure that your child has mastered basic Vuly Deck and skateboard techniques and is comfortable with their balance. See our previous article for a guide on how to perform an ollie. A ‘frontside’ 180 requires you to:

  1. Position your back foot in the ollie position.

  2. Position your front foot also in the ollie position, but with your toes hanging about 2.5 cm over the edge of the Deck.

  3. Wind your body in preparation for the spin by turning your front shoulder towards the back of the Deck as you’re crouching.

  4. Jump to begin performing the ollie, and turn your body back as you start. With your head facing forward, allow your shoulders and torso to follow the spin.

  5. Execute the ollie as you normally would, and let your feet follow your body in the frontside rotation.

  6. Land with the front of your Vuly Deck first.

Skateboard video tutorial:

Vuly Deck intermediate skate tricks: The Kickflip


For kids just starting to skate, the kickflip is always the one trick that they want to learn. It’s the most well known technique, and once they’ve got their ollies, shove-its and frontside 180s down, they should know enough to try!

Once again, see our previous article for guides on how to perform these fundamental moves. A kickflip requires you to:

  1. Position the ball of your front foot at the centre of your Vuly Deck and off the board. Angle the front of this foot 45º forward.

  2. Perform the highest ollie that you can, and as you’re doing it, flick your toes off the edge of the Deck and up towards the nose. This may take some time to master!

  3. Get as much airtime as it takes for the Deck to flip. Try pushing your legs down to jump higher, or pull in your knees, if your bounce is too shallow.

  4. Bring your feet back down onto the board when you see it flip back over to land.

Skateboard video tutorial:


Even more complicated tricks, like the Casper flip, require a lot of practise of these intermediate skills; almost all advanced techniques use the 180 and kickflip as their foundation.

As with learning the basic manoeuvres, take note as your child begins to get a better grip on these two tricks. Once they have, we might have a third article on the most complex ones out there for your Vuly Deck!

Let us know how your kids go with their practises on the Vuly Deck and trampoline!
intermediate skate tricks
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