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Indoors vs outdoors: What's better for exercise?

Exercise is exercise, no matter where you do it… right? Not necessarily! We've talked before about how to increase the effectiveness of your home exercises. Today, we take a look at how your chosen workout location may be impacting your workout, and how you could improve your exercise regime simply by changing up where you do it.

In exercise as in life – a change of scenery can make all the difference! 

Indoor vs outdoor exercise – The case for indoors


Gym junkies will attest to the various pros to exercising indoors. The local gym is a predictable, dependable workout location. It’s climate controlled and protects you from the elements; you can never use bad weather as an excuse! You’re also surrounded by training experts, who are on-hand to correct any technique issues that you may be experiencing or to show you how to use a new piece of equipment. 

Gyms also offer a variety of classes, particularly useful for those who just want to switch off and be guided through their workout – without having to think too hard. Plus, some even offer spas, saunas and pools that provide plenty of variety to mix up your routine.

Indoor vs outdoor exercise – The case for outdoors


Exercising outside is linked with better mental health; talk about a whole body workout! You may find that after exercising in the leafy, green outdoors, you experience a boost in energy, positivity and get a sense of feeling 'alive'. Not only this, but exercising outdoors also enables you to get plenty of fresh air and your required dose of Vitamin D (another vital ingredient for thriving mental health).

By exercising outside, you may also be working harder and not even realising it, especially if you hit the footpath instead of the treadmill. A whole heap of external factors come into play when you’re outdoors. When running, this includes changes in the slope of the ground and wind resistance. This means that your body is working harder – and therefore burning more calories – to jog the same distance.

If you're finding that you lack motivation or struggle to maintain a fitness regime, you can always swap up your location by scouting new parks, courts or tracks, or bring friends along to a trainer-led bootcamp to help keep you on track. This will also give you a similar sense of structure to working out at a gym.


If you usually head to the gym to get your daily exercise in, why not consider opting for an outdoor workout instead? Your backyard Vuly trampoline is a fantastic starting point!

Let us know if you’ve given outdoor workouts a go! How did you feel after exercising in the fresh and open air?

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