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How to keep up the kids’ interest in their Vuly trampoline.

It’s the same story for families everywhere—the kids obsess over a new and exciting toy, are gifted it and within a week it’s in the back of a cupboard never to be played with again. But your experience with your Vuly trampoline doesn’t have to be like this! The ultimate backyard addition, your trampoline is a hugely versatile source of fun for years to come.

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How to keep up the kids’ interest in their Vuly trampoline—Use it for downtime

Your Vuly trampoline isn’t just suited to high energy play, it’s also a fantastic way to get in some downtime. Cozy up with some blankets and the kids for a group storytelling session beneath the stars, cool them down after some active play with an ice block in hand and watch the clouds float by, or wind down playtime with a stretchy yoga session on Vuly’s comfortable and flexible mat.

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How to keep up the kids’ interest in their Vuly trampoline—Get water involved

Kids adore water play, and your Vuly trampoline’s durable materials are ideal for getting wet! Make bounce time wet and wild by spraying a hose over the top of your trampoline enclosure, fill your trampoline mat with water bombs of all shapes and sizes, or give the children a couple of water pistols for some seriously fun, cooled downplay.


How to keep up the kids’ interest in their Vuly trampoline—DIY decorating

Theming up your trampoline is another clever way to get the kids to fall in love with their Vuly all over again. Whether it’s Easter, a birthday, or Christmas, you can easily and affordably create vibrant decorations to adorn your backyard centerpiece. We particularly love fairy lights, colourful garlands, giant bows, and baubles.


How to keep up the kids’ interest in their Vuly trampoline—Add an accessory

Vuly’s range of exciting trampoline accessories will reinvigorate trampoline activities like nothing else. If your kids love sports, then you can’t go past the basketball hoop and skateboarding deck additions, which allow them to slam dunk and 360 until their heart’s content! The Vuly mister is a brilliant source of water play, while the Pulse outdoor speaker will get the party started with beats played right into their trampoline enclosure.

How do you and the kids like to mix up playtime with your Vuly trampoline?

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