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Beat Holiday Boredom (Part Two)

You've survived a week or so of "Muuuuum what's to eat?" and "Daaaaaad where's my cricket bat?", so congratulations; you've only got a month or so of school holidays left to go. Last week we shared some simple trampoline activities to keep your family occupied, and now we know you're in search of something stronger... activities that is.

Well, you can breathe a sigh of relief because we've developed some creative ideas for using your trampoline, so that your entire family enjoys the holidays.

Trampoline Challenges

Grab yourself a whiteboard or large piece of cardboard and draw up a calendar to track your children's daily trampoline progress. A great way to get them off those video games and out onto the trampoline for some exercise, this technique will give your kids something to strive for.

You can write down the time spent on the trampoline for each day or the number of jumps each person did, mark the days off with stickers or develop your own system. Be sure to reward your kids for all their effort when they complete the challenge you set for them.

Backyard Obstacle Course

If you have the space, an obstacle course is a great way to increase the time your kids spend outside. Use skipping ropes, bicycles, star-jumps, tumbles, your trampoline and your own imagination to come up with your own sequence of activities. The first person to finish the course wins, and it'll be so fun you'll want to do it too.

For example: ride your bicycle to the end of the street and back, do 20 star jumps on the driveway then hop on one foot all the way to the back verandah. Do 50 skips with a skipping rope and run around the washing line to jump on the trampoline 25 times (one bouncer at a time) before hopscotching to the finish line.

Incorporate whatever equipment or toys you have lying around the house and change the sequence as often as you like. Not only is this a great boredom-buster, it's also a fantastic way to increase the whole family's exercise during the season of Christmas pudding.

Visit us again next week to find out about our great idea for a backyard treasure hunt and trampolympics!
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