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Hate running? 5 cardio alternatives that are even better!

If you’ve tried running, only to find yourself at a standstill after 10 minutes, with aching knees and ankles, then you’re not alone. We've spoken before about how running can take a bigger toll on our body than you'd think.

For some of us, our joints can't handle the stress of jogging, and it's best to avoid it altogether. If this sounds like you, then listen up! We're going through our top 5 cardio alternatives that can actually be more effective than pounding the pavement!

5 cardio alternatives to running – Cycling


Cycling is popular for a reason! Not only is it a great way to get outdoors and into some beautiful, scenic locales (one of the upsides of running), but it's also a fantastic leg-strengthener and fat burner.

It can also be a social work out; join a cycling group or ride along with friends. When it comes time for holidays, there are plenty of destinations that offer cycling tours where you can explore cities or the countryside in a whole new way. Cycling can become more of a hobby than workout routine! 

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5 cardio alternatives to running – Bouncing

Don’t forget about the Vuly trampoline in your backyard! It's easy to incorporate cardiovascular exercise into your daily routine with simple bouncing in the place of running. Vuly's Leaf Spring-powered Thunder and Thunder Pro trampolines are extra gentle on joints because – unlike the diagonal rods on other springless trampolines – they do not create a 'twisty' bounce.

Mix up your routine with a combination of fast bouncing and slower, strengthening or flexibility-enhancing exercises for an all-round workout experience.

5 cardio alternatives to running – Stair exercise


Stair exercises push your leg muscles to the max; they burn through calories, while strengthening your body’s largest muscle groups at the same time.

Simply walking up and down stairs is a simple option for those who don't want to strain their knees. However, if you’re looking to mix it up, why not try some stair star jumps, stair lunges or double stair leaps in place of running.

5 cardio alternatives to running – Swimming

Swimming is the gentlest of all exercises for your body. There's no impact on your joints, and the water supports your body the whole time. In fact, swimming can be a relief for already-sore joints, while still offering the benefits of more intense exercises.

As your arms and legs push against the weight of the water to propel you forward, your heart rate climbs and your muscles engage – offering a complete body workout.

5 cardio alternatives to running – Skipping

Boxers often incorporate skipping into their training regimes; it’s a low-cost exercise that takes up little space, but which builds up your endurance and stamina very efficiently.

You can control how hard to push yourself with how fast you flick the rope, and after only a few minutes of skipping, you'll feel the burn much more than you would from running!


Have you tried out any of these alternatives to running? How do you find they compare to your morning jog?

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