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Games with Vuly’s Pulse outdoor trampoline speaker.

Turn outdoor trampoline time up a notch with Vuly’s Pulse outdoor speaker! A backyard addition which will certainly get the party started, songs on Vuly’s Pulse speaker can be paused, skipped and volume adjusted just like any other portable speaker on the market. Tune in for some of our favourite games involving your Vuly trampoline and this boppy new accessory.

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Games with Vuly’s Pulse outdoor trampoline speaker—Musical statues

Based on the classic musical statues, this outdoor version on your Vuly trampoline involves a whole lot of bouncing for an added dimension of fun. Put together a play list of your family’s favourite upbeat tunes, then sync your smartphone with the Pulse outdoor speaker or load a USB with songs and plug it into your Pulse, which can be hung effortlessly from the side of your trampoline.

Following the classic rules, a song is played for different lengths of time and while the music plays, each competitor must bounce around the trampoline showing off their best dance moves. When the game’s ‘referee’ hits pause, everyone must freeze! This can be made quite tricky if a competitor happens to be mid-bounce, and makes for plenty of laughs. After eliminating competitors one by one who were the last to freeze, the winner can be crowned.

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Games with Vuly’s Pulse outdoor trampoline speaker—Musical seats

A similar game to musical statues, musical seats also involves dancing and bouncing to your favourite tunes on your outdoor trampoline. However, when the music is paused in this game, each competitor must sit on the trampoline with their legs crossed as quickly as possible. The last one to land in this position is eliminated.

Games with Vuly’s Pulse outdoor trampoline speaker—Bounce-Dance competitions

Get groovy with a rocking outdoor trampoline bounce-dance comp! A combination of two high energy activities, the kids will love out-dancing each other all whilst bouncing around on their Vuly trampoline. Choose a dance theme, a music genre or a restricted time frame to mix up the rounds.

Games with Vuly’s Pulse outdoor trampoline speaker—Musical charades

Musical charades on your outdoor trampoline is a blast for the whole family! The player who will be ‘charading’ begins on their Vuly trampoline whilst the ‘guessers’ remove themselves from earshot. The charading player then hits play on their Pulse speaker and listens to the next song on the playlist before turning it off again. The ‘guessers’ return to the trampoline and then must determine which song has been played while the competitor uses only actions to communicate the title and artist.

Remember to use a timer so each competitor is given the same timeframe in which to act out their song, and don’t forget—you can only use actions! No talking or sounds allowed.

Let us know if you’ve tried any of our musical outdoor trampoline games with your Vuly Pulse speaker.

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