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Four ways to use your 360 outdoor play set Yoga Swing.

Today we’re taking a look at one of our favourite new 360 outdoor play set additions—the Yoga Swing. Made of hard-wearing fabric, this soft and supportive play set component can be used in so many ways! From being a high energy exercise tool to a relaxing spot to unwind, read on to discover our four favourite ways you can make the most of your Yoga Swing.

 Reading spot.jpg
Four ways to use your 360 outdoor play set Yoga Swing—1. Reading spot

The Yoga Swing’s gently supportive material is ideal for curling up in with a good book, transforming the kids’ outdoor play set into a relaxing zen zone! We all know how important it is that we get enough downtime in our day-to-day lives, so why not take some time out for yourself—who said Vuly’s 360 outdoor swing set was just for the kids! Lean back and relax, propping your feet up in the cocoon-like Yoga Swing, and let yourself unwind amongst the gentle breeze as you dive into a great read.

Four ways to use your 360 outdoor play set Yoga Swing—2. Strength training

Ramp up your strength training with some intensive core and upper body exercises which can be done right from your outdoor play set’s Yoga Swing! Leg raises, pull ups and sit ups are all possible on this flexible swing—just remember to hold tight!

 Stretching band.jpg
Four ways to use your 360 outdoor play set Yoga Swing—3. Stretching band

Your outdoor play set’s Yoga Swing is also a brilliant tool to assist with stretching after exercise or a high energy bounce with the kids on their Vuly trampoline. Using the Yoga Swing as a type of resistance stretching band, gently lengthen out your legs, arms, sides and back by pushing or pulling on the swing’s fabric in various positions.

Four ways to use your 360 outdoor play set Yoga Swing—4. Hammock swing

You don’t need an old hammock in the backyard with faded fabric and a rusty frame thanks to your outdoor play set’s Yoga Swing! Lean back and gently sway for a relaxing hammock experience the whole family with love.

How do you use your 360 outdoor play set’s Yoga Swing? We’d love to hear your ideas.

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