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Exercise with your dog—Staying fit with man’s best friend.

If you’re lacking motivation to get moving and keep fit, then why not buddy up with your bestie? Your dog, of course! The joy your dog will experience getting out and about with you is a brilliant motivational tool, and their boundless energy and enthusiasm will be sure to spur you on. Tune in for our favourite ways to stay fit with your favourite furry friend.

 Dog hiking.jpg
Staying fit with man’s best friend—Hiking

Rather than sticking to your regular suburban walking track, jump in the car and head out to a dog-friendly hiking trail you’re yet to explore. Your dog will love sniffing out new adventurous walks and taking in the unfamiliar sights and sounds, whilst the undulating surface is a great way for you to up the anti and add another fitness dimension to a fast paced walk.

Staying fit with man’s best friend—Hit the water

Water games are a fantastic dog and owner fitness activity, particularly when the mercury rises and it’s too steamy for your regular walk. Jump into the backyard pool with some noodles and balls and get moving! Remember, getting in and out of the pool is great for fitness, as is swimming from end to end and treading above water—as long as you’re being active in the water, you’ll be getting some great exercise in.

Alternatively, head down to your local beach where you can mix up sand-based games with a swim in the water afterwards—the change in land-based to water-based movement is great for your personal fitness, as well as your dog’s. Plus, there will be plenty of stimulation to keep them occupied and eventually tucker them out!

 Dog playing.jpg
Staying fit with man’s best friend—Park games

Take a stroll to your local dog park where your dog can run freely and get involved in some great activities that will have you both huffing and puffing in no time! Pack a frisbee if you want to get in some running, bring along a rope for a fitness-based game of tug-of-war for some brilliant strengthening exercise, or play a classic game of fetch with a stick or ball. Remember to keep moving and not be stationery for too long!

Staying fit with man’s best friend—Cycle walks

If you have a bike hidden away in the garage, you may be missing out on a brilliant fitness activity for you and your dog! Strap on your helmet, click on your dog’s lead and hit the cycling trails. Riding at a gentle pace will allow your dog to happily jog beside you—just ensure they follow your commands to avoid toppling off!

We’d love to hear how you’re keeping active with your furry friend. Which fitness activities do they jump at?

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