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AM or PM: When is exercise primetime?

The morning versus evening exercise debate has been raging for decades, with staunch supporters on both sides fiercely defending their chosen routines! Early birds argue that a morning workout is the best way to start to the day, providing a hit of energy and endorphins, while evening exercisers say that blowing off steam at night (plus the ability to sleep in!) is the way to go.

Who’s ultimately in the right?

Exercise primetime – The AM argument


Consistency: Morning exercisers are adamant that getting their workout done bright and early keeps them in a solid routine. Getting it done early leads to more consistent workouts!

Fired up: Exercising on an empty stomach sparks your metabolism and keeps it firing throughout the day, meaning that your body is burning through more calories simply by having worked out. Plus, when you work out after fasting overnight, your body immediately begins burning through fat stores (rather than the carbohydrates supplied by food), which is extra helpful for weight loss.

Quality Zzzzs: Morning exercise may give you better quality sleep at night. Not only have you altered your sleep cycle to get up earlier for your workout, but your body’s also been busy burning through calories all day. Night-time exercise also causes body temperature to rise, making it more difficult for some people to fall asleep.

Social pros: Working out in the morning also means that you won’t have to miss out on night-time activities – like dinner dates or trips to the movies – or rush to prepare dinner for the family. Because your daily exercise is out of the way, you can relax knowing that you have a hours of downtime ahead of you.

Exercise primetime – The PM argument


Warmed up: One positive of exercising in the evening is that your body has had a full day to warm up! This means more flexible muscles, and less chance of injury.

Fuel to burn: When you exercise at night, your body is able to burn through all the food that you have fuelled it with throughout the day – meaning that you can go harder and for longer than if you were exercising in the morning.

Stress release: Many night exercisers cite stress release as a major reason that they choose to work out at this time of day. Intense exercise creates a hormonal response in the body, relieving pent up stress and anxiety – and creating a far more relaxed state of mind.

Sleep ins: And lastly, a huge plus of working out at night is that you can sleep in the next morning! For many who struggle to jump out of bed, night time workouts are the only way to go.
So which is the best time to exercise? The simple answer is that there’s no simple answer! It all depends on you… If you have a packed schedule, are looking to lose weight and don’t mind an early start, morning workouts could be the best option for you.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a stress release and value your sleep ins, then a night time routine could be better suited.


Let us know which exercise camp you’re in! Why do you prefer your morning or evening workout routine?

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