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Food for thought: The right fuel before and after bouncing.

Last week, we talked about how incredible trampolining can be for your health. Not only is it a sure fire weight loss method, it's also gentle on the joints, fantastic for bones, toning for muscles and it even boosts your immunity.

Bouncing on your Vuly can be a pretty amazing workout, and just like before a sports game or gym session, it’s vital that your body is hydrated, and has enough fuel to burn. Today, we take a look at the best foods to eat before and after a Vuly exercise session.

The right fuel – Eating before your Vuly workout


We've all experienced the horrible, bloated feeling that we get after eating too much food; we feel heavy, lethargic and often a bit sleepy. This is what we should try to avoid right before working out. It’s important to avoid greasy foods and sugary drinks. Not only can they make you feel sickly while bouncing, they can also cause your energy levels to spike and drop. This will leave you flat and exhausted much more quickly.

Eat 10 minutes before you start bouncing, and think of it as more of a snack than a meal. Focus on lighter foods, with lower fat options. To ensure that your body has enough energy to make it through your trampoline cardio, include protein and essential minerals—like potassium—in your snack, along with plenty of fluids.

Vuly's top pre-workout snacks are:

  • Chopped banana, sprinkled with trail mix and cinnamon.

  • A piece of whole wheat toast, with peanut butter.

  • A small serving of natural yoghurt, with fresh fruit.

  • Your favourite fruit smoothie.

The right fuel – During your Vuly workout


It’s best to avoid food when you’re mid-workout, but if you’re thirsty, allow yourself a quick water break. Room temperature water is the easiest to digest, and a few mouthfuls will usually be enough to quench your thirst during exercise. However, make sure that you have a generous serving of water afterwards to replace your lost fluids.

Sports drinks are only really required during major workouts, which last an hour or more. They contain electrolytes and plenty of water-soluble vitamins, so they’re best suited to serious exercise involving plenty of sun and sweat!

The right fuel – Eating after your Vuly workout


After your full-body Vuly workout, your metabolism will be working and your body will be ready for more nutrient-rich fuel. Post-workout meal planning should focus on lean protein and fibrous carbohydrates, which come from whole grains and vegetables.

Include a dash of healthy fats—like coconut and avocado—or a small serving of dairy for some extra calcium to fortify those worked-out bones. Milk, with a dash of Milo, will always be a favourite for kids. Sweet potato is fibre-loaded, and will provide you with long-lasting fullness. It's the perfect accompaniment to some spiced, grilled chicken or a piece of Asian-flavoured fish.

Vuly's top post-workout meals:

  • Capsicum and zucchini omelette, with feta cheese.

  • Sourdough with avocado, mayonnaise and tuna.

  • Chargrilled lamb and vegetable skewers, with lemon-yoghurt dressing.

  • Warm vegetable and chickpea salad, with shredded garlic and thyme chicken.


What do you eat to keep your energy levels up before a Vuly workout? Let us know, so we can help others to get the most from their trampoline exercise!
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