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A Clean Trampoline

I am sure anyone who has ever owned a trampoline would be very familiar with the problem that we face in the Vuly showroom each day - dusty trampolines! Fortunately this is easily fixed as all that is required is clean tap water to maintain a clean trampoline. Aside from the visual effect that collected dirt has on the apparatus, this dirt, if left to sit on the safety padding and safety net, can be very damaging to the materials used for the trampolines.

Dirt and dust especially affects cheaper trampolines, as the materials used are generally not designed for use in these conditions. Most trampolines are actually made from indoor materials and as we all know, the Australian sun will make them deteriorate in no time.

Even if you have made the mistake of purchasing a cheap trampoline, you can still take steps to ensure your trampoline lasts longer than most others out there. By running a moist rag over the safety pads, netting, and other perishable parts of the trampoline, the lifespan of the materials will be dramatically increased. Plus, a clean trampoline will be much more attractive and will remain in a better condition for a longer period of time.

I have seen trampoline safety pads very damaged from water sitting on the padding so this can be just as bad, if not worse, as dirt on the materials. Water can cause mould to grow on safety pads which is not very nice for children to play on. Also, when water pools on the padding material for a long time, it can soften it enough to draw moisture out of the material, so when it eventually evaporates in the sun it will further accelerate the wearing process.

What do you do to keep your trampoline clean?

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