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Brain exercises: Do you need them?

We all know that for a healthy body we need to engage in regular, physical exercise. However, do you often think about exercising your brain? Although a rather abstract concept, brain exercise can be very beneficial for people who find that their memory, mental processing speed or reaction times are waning.

We've spoken before about the importance of strong mental health; if you’re showing signs of an unfit brain, read our tips on how to whip it into shape! 

Brain exercise – Don’t wait until it’s too late


Just like our bodies slow down and age over time, so too do our brains – but there’s good news! Just as keeping fit in our younger years benefits our joints and muscles, later on, maintaining a healthy brain throughout our lives will benefit us when maturity eventually arrives.

How do you keep your brain healthy? Specially designed brain exercises are a powerful way to build up your cognitive ability, keeping your mind strong and active – characteristics that will carry over to later life. There are many types of brain exercises that target specific areas and responses – including speed, navigation, memory, and intelligence – and each individual can tailor their very own ‘brain workout regime’.

Brain exercise – Our top brain exercises


Our top brain exercises are simple and easy; you can seamlessly incorporate them into your daily routine! They're ideal for combatting memory problems and a slow processing time.

  • Brush your teeth using your opposite hand: This challenges your brain by combining a variety of senses, creating strong mental pathways, and producing valuable brain nutrients that are necessary for good brain health.
  • Memorize your grocery list: This stimulates the memory sector of your brain, with consistent, practise resulting in much better memory across the board.
  • Learn a musical instrument or new language: Both of these skills are a valuable way to exercise many areas of the brain, presenting a truly rewarding and enjoyable mental challenge and practical benefits.
  • Identify ingredients in dishes: Next time you eat out or munch on a meal that someone else has prepared, have a go at guessing all the ingredients that make it up. It's a great way to exercise your mind without taking time out of your regular routine.
  • Have new experiences: Surrounding ourselves with exciting new stimuli is just as good as it feels. Trying new activities, visiting new places, or meeting new people is a great way to keep your mind active and out of the familiar.

Two final points for maintaining fantastic brain health: diet and exercise! Just as our general health relies heavily on what we eat, so too does our brain health. Remember to incorporate plenty of unprocessed whole foods and healthy fats into your daily diet, and minimize exposure to toxins wherever possible.

Get out there and jump on your Vuly trampoline, too. We promise that it'll make you feel better!


Have you tried any of our top brain exercises? Let us know how you like to keep your brain active and healthy.

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