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Core trimming ballet workouts—Vuly shows you how!

Intense strengthening workouts that improve posture, increase flexibility and are the most effective core exercises on the planet? We can almost guarantee that ballet wasn’t the first thing answer that popped into your head! But ballet certainly isn’t restricted to little girls in tutus… this form of training has some serious grunt. Today we show you how you can get ballet fit at home with not a satin slipper in sight.

 Barre stretch.jpg
Core trimming ballet workouts—Indoors

The fantastic thing about ballet-style workouts is that you can do it all from the comfort of your own home, rain, hail or shine. Traditionally, ballerinas use a barre (those timber hand rails often lining the walls of dance studios), but the back of a dining chair or a kitchen counter will work as an effective alternative.

Ballet workouts are all about strengthening the band of muscles that wrap around your core and your powerful leg muscles, so doesn’t involve a heap of cardio or jumping around (despite popular belief!). Instead, this type of workout generally focusses on small yet intense movements which will get those muscles burning in no time.

Core trimming ballet workouts—On your Vuly trampoline

For all-rounder workouts which combines fat burning cardio with muscle strengthening, you can involve your Vuly trampoline! We’ve spoken many times about the health benefits of bouncing on a trampoline, and when combined with ballet-specific movements, this form of exercise is elevated into a whole new territory.

 Barre smile.jpg
Core trimming ballet workouts—Our muscle strengthening indoor barre workout

You don’t need much space for these types of compact workouts, plus, you can do it in bare feet! Get started with our quick warm up, then hold onto the back of your chair or kitchen counter for support while completing the other exercises.

 Warm up: 30 seconds of jumping jacks

  • 30 seconds of high knee jogging on the spot
  • 3 sets of 10 ballet squats: facing your chair/counter and holding on with both hands, complete a regular squat but with your toes turned slightly outwards like a ballerina
  • 3 sets of 10 ballet toe squats: the same position as previous, but this time on your tip toes
  • 3 sets of 10 ballet front leg lifts: turn to the side holding onto your chair/counter with one hand and lift the opposite leg out in front of you with your toes pointed. Switch to the opposite side and repeat on your other leg
  • 3 sets of 10 ballet side leg lifts: facing your chair/counter and holding on with both hands, lift your leg out to the side with pointed toes, alternating between sides after you’ve completed the required number of sets
  • 3 sets of 10 ballet reverse leg lifts: in the same starting position as previous, kick each leg out behind you with pointed toes, alternating between sides after you’ve completed the required number of sets

Let us know how your ballet workouts have gone—did you feel the burn?

core Vuly ballet workouts
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