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Coil or Leaf Spring trampoline… Which is right for you?

Vuly trampolines come in all shapes and sizes. When you’re looking for a new trampoline for your backyard, you might be wondering exactly what type is right for you. Luckily, we’re here to help!

We all know the traditional coil spring trampoline, which Vuly has refined over many years. But is that the right bounce for you, or is the revolutionary Leaf Spring system up your alley? Today, we look at the two methods that power our trampolines, and we compare the way we do things to some of our competitors to help you choose what’s right for your family.

Coil or Leaf Spring trampoline – Coil springs


Traditional coil springs have been used on trampolines since the very first commercial models in the 1940s. Dozens of them attach to the mat and frame, relaxing and compressing with each jump to provide the bounce. 

The Vuly Ultra and Lift Pro models use this traditional design, with a number of safety features that address the biggest concerns with pinched skin and broken bones that still exist with other models on the market. It’s a proven, reliable system; in fact, we’re so confident in it that we guarantee our frames for 10 years and our springs and mat for 5!

Coil or Leaf Spring trampoline – Leaf Springs


Leaf Springs are one of the signature Vuly developments in trampolining. While they’re usually used in the suspension systems of long-haul trucks, Vuly has adapted the idea to the backyard trampoline. 

Our Thunder and Thunder Pro models are the only trampolines in the world to use Leaf Spring-powered bouncing. It’s also safer than any other trampoline because of this; Leaf Springs provide a complete gentle edge, which can reduce injuries by up to 80%. It’s a premium and innovative system, but if you want the safest and highest bounce, there’s no better.

Coil or Leaf Spring trampoline – Competitors


While other coil spring trampolines often have their springs inside the safety enclosure, Lift and Lift Pro guarantee no spring access from inside the net whatsoever. The springs are also covered by thick, double-sided Bisonyl safety pads, which are longer lasting and provide better protection than the cheaper plastic of competitors.

However, Thunder and Thunder Pro's complete lack of coil springs mean that their level of safety both inside and outside the trampoline are incomparable. There’re no places for little hands to get stuck and there are no coils or hard edges to fall on, and unlike other ‘no spring’ models, Thunder has doesn’t have horizontal bands that could clamp together and cause injuries.


All Vuly trampolines have superior safety features and bounces, but how you go about achieving that bounce is up to you! Are you a believer in the tried and tested or the avant-garde?

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