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Circular Trampolines Are Best for Families!

Hi everyone,

I thought we would talk today about the benefits of a circular trampoline for families. Although trampolines can come in various shapes and sizes, it is important to note that rectangular trampolines should be used by trained gymnasts under close supervision only.  For the average person, a circular trampoline will meet all of your bouncing needs!

Family playing on round vuly trampoline with tent

  • Here are just a few reasons why circular trampolines are the best bet for an average family!
  • Although the springs can allow users to jump quite high, the bounce from a circular trampoline cannot reach the heights achieved by rectangular trampolines. Rest assured that your family will remain safe and secure within the confines of a circular trampoline and a properly fitted safety net!
  • The round shape of circular trampolines distribute the weight and pressure from the jumper evenly, ensuring a more easily calculated landing.Because the jump mats in circular trampolines are thinner, users can enjoy a more comfortable, controlled, and lower bounce.

Okay, readers. Have you ever compared a circular trampoline to other trampoline shapes? What was your reaction?  In your opinion, which shape is the most practical shape for general family use?

circular trampolines families
12 July, 2010 Facebook icon Twitter icon

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