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Children’s winter play ideas with Vuly.

Brighten up dreary winter days with one of these fun children’s winter play ideas with Vuly! From rugging up outside to cosy craft inside, your kids will be sure to love one of these playful winter activities designed for all manner of wintery weather.

 Hot chocolate.jpg
Children’s winter play ideas with Vuly—Onesie party

Invite your children’s friends over for a Vuly onesie party followed by epic hot chocolate making. Have the kids dress up in their favourite snuggly onesie (onesies with bright patterns or animal ears are usually a hit!) and pile them onto their Vuly trampoline. They will love chatting, bouncing and playing together dressed up in their cosy outfits.

Follow their outdoor fun with some next level hot chocolate making. After each child has been given a plain mug of hot chocolate, have them load up their creative masterpiece with marshmallows, piles of whipped cream, chocolate drops and sprinkles for the yummiest of cold weather treats.

 Snowflake craft.jpg
Children’s winter play ideas with Vuly—Jewelled snowflake craft

A brilliant indoor activity for the kids if the weather isn’t allowing trampoline time on their Vuly, this jewelled snowflake craft session is an absolute winner. Cut out some basic snowflake shapes from plain white card, then have the children decorate them with blue and silver stick on jewels. Punch a hole in the top and run through some string for their very own, self-made wintery jewelled necklace!

Children’s winter play ideas with Vuly—Sleeping bag fun

There’s nothing more that kids love than camping out in the backyard, so load up their Vuly trampoline with sleeping bags before bedtime for a little taste of sleeping out in the wild! Give the kids some flashlights that they can shine around the garden, a couple of snacks and hot water bottles, then let them cosy up together for a couple of hours after darkness falls.

Children’s winter play ideas with Vuly—Mini snowmen

If the kids are going crazy stuck inside on a rainy winter day (unable to burn some steam on their Vuly trampoline or 360 Swing Set!), then this awesome mini snowmen craft activity is for them. Create some fake snow by simply combining shaving cream with baking soda, then add glitter for an icy, sparkly effect. Have some black eyes, buttons and mini scarves on hand, then let the kids get crafty by rolling together their very own mini snowmen.

Let us know which of our winter play ideas was a hit in your household.

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