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Addressing child behaviour with a trampoline!

Have you ever thought of using your trampoline to address your child's behaviour? Like children themselves, behavioural problems that kids can exhibit are complex and varied. There are so many different approaches to dealing with them. Physical activity, which parents can encourage on a daily basis, is one of the methods that can have a hugely positive impact on a child’s behaviour.

Is it a coincidence that the prevalence of troubled behaviour among our kids seems to be going up along with the number of hours that they're spending sitting down inside? We don't think so! Outdoor play is crucial to raising children who are positive and well-balanced. We've talked about how bouncing can be more than just fun for kids; today, we look at bouncing through the lens of improving your child's behaviour and attitude.

Trampoline and child behaviour – A place to blow off steam


When a child reaches boiling point, it can be difficult for them to see reason and to calm themselves down. Often, there is too much pent-up anger, with no clear way of releasing it. This can result in a display of bad behaviour. However, a physical activity can provide the release that the child is looking for!

Before you reach the point where you have to send your child to their room, send them to the backyard trampoline instead. When they're so worked up, the backyard trampoline can become a welcome distraction. Not only does it give them something fun to do, but also the physical nature of bouncing will help release those angry emotions and flood their brain with happy endorphins.

Trampoline and child behaviour – A sense of freedom


Children who struggle to control their emotions often don’t respond well to being controlled—whether it’s by a parent, family member or teacher. Their Vuly trampoline is a place of freedom; it's a place where they can decide what to do and how to do it.

Allow your child to choose a trick to learn—that's within their ability—or to create a bouncing routine. This will give them the complete control that they often lack in their day-to-day life, which boosts self confidence and feelings of self-worth.

Trampoline and child behaviour – A fun time with no judgement


Unlike being at school, where your child is surrounded by rules, grades and the opinions of their peers, their Vuly trampoline provides hours of entertainment without judgement. They can set their own goals, decide for themselves whether they mastered a trick or not and not be embarrassed if they don't succeed—all while have a great time.

They'll never be told that the way they're doing it is 'wrong’.

Trampoline and child behaviour – A feeling of achievement


Once your child masters that trick, reaches that height or performs a routine without mistakes, they will develop a positive sense of personal achievement that they may lack elsewhere. It’s vital for children to feel a sense of accomplishment and worthiness. Accomplishing goals that they set for themselves on the trampoline is a great way to achieve this.

Trampoline and child behaviour – An activity that leads to positivity


Whether you’re young or old, physical activity is one of the best ways to manage depression and boost self confidence and positivity. When you exercise, your brain signals the release of chemicals that lessen pain and trigger feelings of euphoria. Even from a purely biological perspective, adults and children suffering from behavioural problems can benefit greatly from daily physical activity.


How does your Vuly trampoline come in handy when dealing with your child's behavioural issues?
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