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How to check that your trampoline is properly assembled

While Vuly trampolines have the simplest installation available on the market, there's always potential for error when putting together products with a number of individual parts. Bouncing on an improperly assembled trampoline not only reduces its life, it also represents a safety hazard to those using it.

Make sure that your trampoline is as strong and sturdy as possible, by checking that it's been put together in accordance with the assembly instructions. Read on for some quick and easy ways to identify mistakes in your set-up trampoline.

Proper assembly – Net poles

Every correctly installed Vuly trampoline has an 'hourglass' enclosure, which means that its net poles curve outwards while its netting curves inwards. While you may have the urge to insert the net poles in a way that makes them 'straighter' – like a typical trampoline design – this is incorrect for a Vuly.

Trampoline net pole curves

Correct net pole installation. Note the curve.

On all trampolines except Thunder Pro, this means that the net poles should bend away from the net at the top and curve back inwards at the jump mat – like an 'S'. Thunder Pro net poles should have a totally convex appearance, with the peak of the curve away from the net being in the centre of the net poles – like a ')'.

Incorrect Thunder installation

Incorrect net pole installation. Note the difference in appearance, with 'straight' poles. Also see the wrong placement of the slimline pads at the top of the net pole, rather than the bottom.

If you're still unsure whether your net poles are inserted correctly based on appearance, the easiest ways to check are:

  • Ensure that each installed net pole has small holes punched at the top (excluding Ultra) and middle of the Upper Net Pole and at the connection between the Upper and Lower Net Pole.
  • Ensure that each Lower Net Pole is correctly inserted into the Joiner – with the reinforcing inside the tube at this end.

Trampoline net pole holes

Proper assembly – Joiner Poles

The feet on every Vuly trampoline face outwards (except Ultra, which has leg tubes – rather than feet – which bend inwards). Installing your trampoline such a way that the feet face inwards will flip your Joiner Poles that connect the entire frame and net together.

This reduces the integrity of the finished trampoline, may cause a distorted appearance or lead to other parts failing to connect correctly. Always make sure that the small feet at the end of each frame leg faces towards you.

Proper assembly – Thunder bolts

Thunder is the only Vuly trampoline that requires bolts during installation. Your assembly manual details how to use these bolts – rather than push-buttons – at the Joiner Poles, to strengthen your Thunder's base. While it is possible to assemble your Thunder without these bolts, we strongly discourage it.

If you have a Thunder (silver model), check that you have used the bolts that came with your packaging at the Joiner Poles, as directed. While you're inspecting your Thunder, make sure that your slimline net pole pads are positioned at the bottom of the net poles! 


We want your Vuly trampoline to last as long as it can and be as safe as possible for your family. Correct installation is crucial to both! Always make sure that you follow the assembly instructions that come with your model, and check that your trampoline matches with the examples at each step.

If you have any questions, call the Vuly team on 1300 667 514.

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