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Cheap Trampolines

Trampoline pads and mats are arguably two of the most important trampoline components, and they should be very carefully cared for. Ideally, safety padding should last two to four years before a replacement is needed. Mesh jumping mats typically last up to ten years, while woven jumping mats can last longer. However, cheaper trampolines often lead to hassle and the parts will be in disrepair much faster than quality trampolines.

Many customers purchase low-price trampolines, eventually pay more in replacements and are often disappointed with the product they have chosen. Quality matters when buying a trampoline. Cheap pads frequently develop fungus in the material, leading to material rot and jumper risk.  Cheap mats will often leave black marks on jumpers' feet after they dismount the trampoline and can lead to carpet damage and headache.

To prevent the problems associated with poor-quality trampolines, do yourself and your family a favour and only buy high-quality trampolines. High quality trampolines' components are much less likely to harbour fungus or sustain damage from regular use.

Have you ever bought a cheap trampoline?  What happened?  What advice can you give other readers?

cheap trampolines
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