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Cooled down cardio: Vuly’s easy pool exercises for summer days.

When it’s hot and sticky it can be hard to find the motivation to tackle an outdoor workout. But what if we told you that you could get seriously effective outdoor cardio exercise whilst staying cool? You simply need to jump in the backyard pool! Tune in for our easy, low impact pool exercises which will strengthen and tone your body without the sweat!

Vuly’s easy pool exercises for hot summer days—Shallow end jogging

Completed in the shallow end of the pool where your feet can easily touch the bottom, complete underwater jogging. You can run in circles, or simply from one side of the pool to the other. The water resistance will give a valuable boost to this seemingly simple exercise.

Vuly’s easy pool exercises for hot summer days—Star jumps

A powerful core and arm exercise, underwater star jumps use the weight of the water as powerful resistance when you lift your arms into a star position. Don’t try to complete this exercise too quickly as you may become worn out and sacrifice technique—take your time mastering your balance, then speed up as you become more confident.

Pool high knee.jpg

Vuly’s easy pool exercises for hot summer days—High knee walking

This exercise is fantastic for working your legs and glutes. With your arms floating on top of the water or your hands on your hips, walk around the shallow end of the pool with high knees. Start slow and develop your balance, then speed up your high knee lifts to raise your heart rate and burn some calories!

Vuly’s easy pool exercises for hot summer days—Side kicks

Standing with your feet together, place your hands on your hips. Alternatively, if you struggle with balance you can hold onto the side of the pool. Lift one leg out to the side, being careful not to rotate it or bend your torso—you should be completely still and straight as your leg raises up from your hip. Repeat this exercise on the other side once you’ve completed your desired number of reps.

 Pool out.jpg

Vuly’s easy pool exercises for hot summer days—Pool dips

For this exercise, place both hands on the side of the pool and lift yourself up as if you’re going to jump out. With your arms straight and extended, slowly bend them in unison, lowering your body back into the pool. Then, straighten them back up, placing you in your original position.

Vuly’s easy pool exercises for hot summer days—Treading water leg lifts

Swim down to the deep end of the pool so you are treading water on the spot. As your arms work to keep you above water, slowly lift one leg out straight in front of you. Lower and repeat on the other side. This exercise is a brilliant arm and core workout, and after a few sets will have that heart rate flying!

Are there any creative ways you use your pool as a form of exercise on hot summer days? Let us know!

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