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Boxing on your Vuly trampoline!

There’s a reason that boxing skills are regularly incorporated into fitness bootcamps and hardcore workouts; it’s often described as the most physically demanding sport on the planet!

What is it that makes boxing so effective, and what happens when you combine bouncing on your Vuly trampoline with an Ali-worthy boxing routine? Today, we find out…

Boxing on your Vuly trampoline – Why it's so good


Boxing is a powerful workout that activates all the major muscle groups in your body. Not only does it get your heart rate flying—which burns a lot of calories—but it also strengthens and tones muscles and develops your balance and coordination. Talk about an all-rounder! Plus, it’s full of variety; you’re much more likely to feel engaged right through a boxing workout than if you were, say, running for extended periods on a treadmill.

Boxing on your Vuly trampoline – The link with good mental health

Boxing isn’t only a brilliant physical workout, it's great for your mental health too! Don't underestimate the power of letting out your daily frustrations with a powerful punch—all in a safe and controlled environment. The hormonal release that occurs during this sort of a workout is the perfect solution to stress. We promise that you'll sleep like a baby afterwards, which is also a critical for achieving an anxiety-free and happy mind.

Boxing on your Vuly trampoline – Combining boxing and bouncing


Bringing a boxing routine onto your Vuly trampoline not only ups the fun factor, but it creates a fat-blasting, pulse-raising power workout! Regular boxing intensity combined with additional bouncing on a flexible mat means that you engage your core, boost your strength and push your balance. Both your legs and arms are continuously engaged.

If you’re feeling brave, and you're after a high intensity, whole-body fitness routine, crank up the 'Rocky' theme song, and have a go at our sample workout below.

The glove-free, solo Vuly boxing routine

No gloves or boxing partner? No problem. This simple boxing routine combines classic moves with calorie-crunching bouncing. Be prepared for a bucketload of sweat and plenty of heavy breathing! Alternate between one-minute rounds of each exercise and 30 seconds of bouncing cool-downs in between.

Jabs: Hold your fists up in front of your chin, with your legs spread for balance and your knees bent slightly. Keep your core tight and give short sharp punches, alternating between use of your left and right arms. Use all your power, and try not to rotate your torso too much.

(30 seconds of bouncing)

Hooks: Jump into the same boxing stance that you used for the ‘Jabs’ exercise. This time, hook each arm around from the side of your body (again alternating between left and right), imagining that you’re hitting the side of a boxing bag. Keep your unused fist up in front of your face for balance while the other arm hooks.

(30 seconds of bouncing)

Uppercuts: Imagine someone is holding pads at eye level, and they're facing the ground; each punch you throw is coming up to hit it... This type of punch comes from below. Remember to keep your stomach tight and feet grounded.

(30 seconds of bouncing)

Dips: Stand with your feet spread and facing forwards, and dip from side to side—holding your fists in towards your chest. Mimics a boxer dipping to avoid a hit. Get nice and low!

Repeat this routine 3 times.


Have you ever tried a boxing workout? How did our Vuly trampoline routine compare?
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