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Benefits of Vuly Trampolines

Vuly Play trampolines not only provide a lot of fun but offer a range of other benefits. Like many outdoor activities like bike riding or playing on a swing set. They come with both leisurely fun and health benefits.

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Trampolines - More Than Just Fun

Did you know that a trampoline is more than just a diversion? When your little ones are jumping, there’s a lot more happening behind the scenes than you would think. Last week, we discussed how great trampolines are for adults trying to get themselves into shape, but for kids, a trampoline is a world of wonder, magic and—without them even knowing—fitness and body training.

When it seems like everything that kids enjoy is bad for them, like TV and mobile video games, the humble trampoline is an invigorating and safe (if you choose the right one) activity that parents can feel comfortable with. Today, we’ll go through 4 of the best reasons why a trampoline is more than just plain fun for your kids.

Trampolining stimulates the body and the mind

By dramatically increasing muscle activity, bouncing on a trampoline, according to NASA, is “the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man.” However, trampolining also helps your body produce and circulate more oxygen: your brain’s fuel. Read more about trampolining for exercise here.

Combine this with some fun games that improve cognition, like those with our HexVex® Game Mat system, and you may find that trampolining helps your child mentally, as much as it does physically.


Trampolining enhances motor skills, coordination and balance

Bouncing constantly shifts your child’s centre of gravity. Their bodies have to respond quickly and subtly by adjusting their position along different axes, which improves their coordination and balance. That’s important even if they don’t grow up to be athletes! Trampolining also helps fortify young bones, joints and muscles. Our families are living increasingly sedentary lives, but consistent trampolining can help reduce the risk of developing brittle bone disease, fractures and future osteoporosis. It gives your child the musculoskeletal strengthening activity that they might otherwise be missing.


Trampolining improves behaviour and reduces stress

Behavioural issues can be hard for parents to work through; however, much ‘bad behaviour’ is simply caused by excess energy being spent at the wrong place and time. Trampolining acts as a positive outlet, and by expending that energy in a way that also increases oxygen intake, they’ll boost their concentration and alertness for the times when they need to focus—like for homework.

For children with special psychological needs, the repetitive movement associated with bouncing on a trampoline can also help alleviate stress, and make them feel calmer.


Trampolining gives you a little break

Being a kid is tough, but so is being a parent. Sometimes you just need to take time for yourself. A supremely safe trampoline, like the Vuly2, can give you confidence that your child is engaging in a stimulating activity during the time that they spend occupying themselves.

Read a book while you’re sitting outside and watching your child bounce; it’s a lot more relaxing than supervising playtime inside!

Have you noticed a difference in your child since they started trampolining? Are they calmer, or more attentive, after bouncing? Do they have better coordination?

Maybe they just don’t want to stop bouncing! After all, there aren't many children in the world that can resist jumping onto something springy, so see our trampoline range today.


Enjoy more than just trampolines

Although the list of owning a Vuly trampoline is endless, expand your Vuly collection with a kids bike, swing set or monkey bars!

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