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Being a Kid is Great!

Remember when you were young, and full of energy in the morning? When you’d jump out of bed at the crack of dawn to see what fun could be had that day?

Trampoline time would be before school, and sometimes even before breakfast, and then again after school as you watched the sun go down.

What happened to that youngster who was full of imagination?

Quick Lessons to Learn From Kids!*

1. Jump Into Each New Day

“I’m so excited to see what’s for breakfast,” the typical kid thinks as he wakes up, races to the kitchen and flings open the pantry.

It doesn’t matter that he ate his own weight in birthday cake yesterday, or that he has library today and would rather go a week without trampoline time (what?!) than be stuck in a silent room decorated only by endless towers of books.

That’s because for the most part, kids are much more optimistic and enthusiastic than us older folk. Why don’t you try waking up and focusing on the good – one thing at a time?

2. Bounce to Your Own Rhythm 

“I’m actually a dinosaur, and this is my bouncing kangaroo friend, Hilda,” a little girl might tell you while she’s jumping on her trampoline adorned in a tea towel skirt and fancy wig that looks suspiciously like a household mop.

Little kids don’t care what the world thinks of them. They just let their imagination roam and form their own identity based on what they feel like doing in any given moment. When was the last time you did something that wasn’t really ‘cool’, or were so silly that you collapsed in fits of laughter?

Young kids also get excited about everything, and you’ll often find them in a garden somewhere looking for worms. Not because worms are particularly interesting, but because finding them is an adventure, and everyone loves an adventure, right?

 3. Believe in Yourself Wholeheartedly

“I’m going to be an astronaut and vet that only takes puppies and kittens into space,” a determined little boy might declare. “You know, so that they can go for a walk on the moon!”

And really, why not? The imagination of young kids is something we sadly lose as we get older, but it doesn’t have to be that way all the time. What’s your wildest dream? Is there any real reason why you can’t achieve it?

Stick to your guns, and don’t let anyone kill your desire to succeed at your goals, or kill your curiosity. Want to spend hours on your trampoline, or under it (looking for worms, obviously)? Then you can do just that! The world will still be waiting for you when you’ve finished having fun.

*Besides 'never, ever, ever eat sprouts'. That one's obvious.
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