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Be Confident Bouncing on Your Vuly

So you’ve got a brand new Vuly trampoline in your backyard, and love to get on and have a bounce… but have you thought about what else you can do with that bounce

In your mind you’re some kind of tramp-ing legend, destined for Olympic success… but in reality we all know you’re a bit of a one-bounce-wonder. Don’t worry, you can improve your tramp-skills without the need for bubble-wrap and a helmet. That’s why you chose a Vuly!

Each Vuly trampoline is designed to be super safe, so even if you crash into the sides of the net you won’t get tangled in it, or hit the net poles. You can start by learning the basics, and then work on any trick you like!

To be a pro, you have to start somewhere… just ask Ben Wilden and Kat Driscoll

Lucky for you, it’s really easy to learn one move at a time, if you give yourself enough time to practice and learn the ropes.

Become a Pro-Bouncer

It might seem scary at first, but if you push yourself, you can really achieve a lot mid-air. There is very little chance of injury on a Vuly, and trampolining is even safer than most traditional sports played on the ground.

Here are three simple steps for bettering your bounce.

Don’t Be Afraid

Mastering the jump mat can take some time, but it’s important to remember that tricks are a progression from one move to the next. The most basic move would be the tuck jump or seat drop. Don’t be afraid to do something like a forward somersault and try to land on your feet. Once you build your confidence to the next level, you can try something a bit trickier.

On a Vuly trampoline, you don't have to be afraid. Read some real customer reviews about the safety of your Vuly.

Try Something New

Flips are a good way to start doing tricks. After you’ve tackled the front-flip, you can try the back flip - then try to double them with a twist.

Twisting in and out of moves can also be a good way to improve your repertoire after the fundamentals have been nailed. Here’s a link to show you how it’s done…

There’s much more to learn including forward somersaults with half twists (known as ‘the Barani’) and even front-hand springs. There are many online videos that can show you how to pull these off.

Be aware that these tricks require training and a lot comes down to knowing when exactly to twist during the move. Late twisting and twisting from the hips is advised to landing easily in the same spot you started from. A central focus point is essential.

Be Inventive

The key to having endless fun on a trampoline is having the ability to mix up moves to create a thrilling aerial sequence. Using a little imagination can help evolve those half twist jumps into full twist jumps and more exciting moves.


  • Have fun!
  • Get yours kids started from an early age to improve their motor skills and balance
  • Further your skills by joining a local gymnastics club or try trampolining at your local PCYC
  • If you have trouble completing a move, try sucking in your tummy to enhance your aerial prowess.


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