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Backyard Sports Tournament

The months of late summer and early autumn bring us the perfect combination of long days, beautiful sunshine and plenty of time to play with friends. It doesn't matter that's still so hot you could fry an egg in mid-air, or so humid you're practically swimming through the atmosphere – it's a great time of year to be out and about with friends, playing until the sun goes down.

If there are other kids in your neighbourhood, why not invite them all to take part in a neighbourhood sporting challenge?

Perhaps you'd like to spend a weekend doing a round of activities, or designate an afternoon each week to playing sports at each other's houses. There are so many options, but however you do it, playing sports with others is great for socialising, teamwork and is a whole lot of fun!

Not everyone on your street is going to have a Vuly trampoline, so it's a good idea to organise your activities according to what's on offer at everyone's house. You have the best trampoline, someone else might have the best backyard for cricket or football, your neighbour might have a swimming pool, and another family might have the perfect driveway for a game of handball. Between everyone taking part, you're sure to have lots of options.

If you live in an area that's short on backyard space, get a group of people together and meet up at a local park or sporting ground… with parental supervision of course.

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Variety is Key

The more activities you can think of, the better the fun! You can do a short amount of time on a particular activity, or dedicate a whole afternoon to one thing, but changing it up regularly makes things more exciting.

If you're doing something that's more of a solo sport – like trampolining – one person can do that activity while the other people play a game of footy, cricket or tiggy, or practise their handstands. Again, make sure you swap regularly and take turns so that everyone gets to try each activity.

Make a Schedule

Let your parents know what you'd like to do, and ask them to help you organise it. If you know which house has which activity on which day, you'll know exactly where to go and what to bring. For each day or session of neighbourhood sport, allocate a parent to help umpire or supervise, which shouldn't be too hard if it's at his or her house.

Parents, you can really make or break a great neighbourhood sports tournament, so encourage your kids and offer your support and umpiring services as much as possible. This might be a great chance to catch up with other parents and help each other out, and you might all want to join in and play the games too!


Sharing is Caring

Show your community spirit by sharing your equipment and including everyone in the games being played. Make sure you treat everyone else's equipment like your own, so that everyone goes home with gear that's in the same condition as it was when you first started playing. Accidents happen, but being careful will help too.

Even more important than the right equipment is something yummy to eat! All that exercise is going to mean big appetites, and it can get tricky to cater for everyone involved, especially if one house is frequented more often than others. Bring some snacks and drinks to share, and ask the parent who's supervising to put it on some plates so it's ready to go at break time.

Remember a friendly backyard competition is all for fun and more about sharing in community spirit and getting some exercise than being the best at a particular sport. Email your backyard sporting pics to, we'd love to see you all having fun!


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