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Back to School Tips For Kids

Posted on
Jan 29, 2015
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Can you believe it’s the start of the school year again? Where did the holidays go? Oh, that’s right, you had great time playing outdoors, eating delicious food and going on adventures!

We know that going back to school isn’t the most exciting thing ever, and that most of you would rather squeeze lemons into your eyes than go back to doing homework in the afternoons instead of bouncing up and down on your Vuly. And while it may seem as though your fun is over for another year, there are plenty of things you can do to get yourself into the school spirit. 

Give a big smile

Did you know that even faking a smile could make you feel better? Your body doesn’t actually know the difference between a pretend smile and a real one, which is funny because all smiles very quickly become real!

There’s plenty to smile about too: you get to learn new things, see your school friends, make new school friends, take up new activities, and make any changes you’ve been thinking about over the holidays!

Eat a proper breaky

We know that you’ve heard it before, and chosen to ignore it anyway. But eating breaky really is good for you, promise. Breakfast gives you the energy you need for the day.

It’s a catch-22. When you wake up and don’t feel like eating because you’re too tired, stressed or rushed, you don’t eat. But when you don’t eat at the start of the day, you then feel tired, rushed and stressed until lunch time, and you’re unable to get back that time lost in a fuzzy headspace. Try eating something small before you head off to school, and build it up to a proper breaky over a couple of weeks.

Challenge yourself

There’s no need for boredom during the school year! Yep, solving maths problems is mega-tedious for some people, and writing stories is snore-worthy for others. But anything can be made more exciting if you want it to be more enjoyable. Set yourself a time frame to complete all your problems, write about something you’re passionate about or do some extra research for projects you’re really enjoying. And keep trying until it’s fun!

If you’re bored because you don’t understand something, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes it just takes explaining things in another way for information to sink in and make sense. Everything will make sense in good time if you try your hardest.

Focus on the positive

Sometimes school is hard, and you can quickly become overwhelmed by the work, social situations, and extra-curricular activities. Don’t freak out! Take a breather and concentrate on all the things you like to do. Even if you have to grit your teeth and bear it through the activities you have to do but don’t really like (maths homework, for example), you’ll soon get to do something that you really do like (lunch, mostly).

If there’s nothing to look forward to, get out there and find something you can look forward to. Maybe you’ll be great at hockey, gymnastics, chess or collecting plastic dinosaur eggs…it’s just you’ve never tried! Try different activities and who knows, maybe you could be the next Blake Gaudry.

Make an effort

Life is what you make it, so jump in head first. If you have written all over your face ‘I’d much rather be at home bouncing on my trampoline’ then teachers will assume you aren’t applying yourself…because chances are you aren’t. Get stuck into your school work, and then play hard when you get home. Good things can come your way if you make a big effort in all of your activities – school included! School takes up a big part of your life, so it makes sense to try to enjoy it and get as much out of it as possible.

Victor Volynski
Article by
Victor Volynski
Content marketer with expertise in innovative play equipment, Vic is always following the latest trends and developments in this area and trying to find the best options for maximum fun! Vic is also an ex-gymnast with 20 years of experience and holds a science degree, making him an authority on trampolines, monkey bars, and swing sets.
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