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Are You Ready for Christmas?

Phew, you’ve arranged all of your presents with Santa and are now planning the festivities on Christmas Day. Or thinking about planning them, let’s not rush these things. Or perhaps you’re about to organise those presents, but finding the time to put a call in to Santa isn’t as easy as it seems when threatening to alert him of your children’s behaviour.

Either way, we’re sure you’ve got things under control… but in case you’d like to double check – we’ve taken some time to offer up a few tips to ensure that cancelling Christmas and giving away your offspring doesn’t even cross your mind.

Where will you stash Santa’s haul?

Trampolines are pretty big, so Santa often needs to coordinate with freight companies to get a bounce to your house before he travels around the world in a night. Luckily, Vuly boxes are easily stored under a bed, in a closet, on a shelf of your garage…or at Grandma’s house – just don’t forget to pick them up!

Some useful tips for disguising packaging include:

    • a blanket or tarp can be strategically draped over the carton to disguise the labels
    • write your surname in marker pen on butcher’s paper, and tape it over the labels.

Now is the time to check that you have all components, and the correct number of boxes. You can call our friendly sales team on 1300 667 514 if you require assistance with parts.

Where will your trampoline go?

Let’s face it: midnight on Christmas Eve is not the ideal time for backyard renovations. To add to that, even the best landscape-enthusiast will need more time than their very ambitious DIY spirit has allowed. We suggest you start now, and not five beers into Christmas Eve.

Ask yourself:

    • Do I have a flat surface for my trampoline?
    • Do I have to deal with any trees in my yard so there’s enough overhead clearance?
    • Should I mow beforehand?
    • Will I be able to set up my Vuly without standing in Fido’s business?

If you answered no, now is the time to act!


Will you be ready come Christmas Eve? 

Everyone loves a challenge, but sadly the thought of putting together a trampoline by yourself in the middle of the night while the rest of the world sleeps and waits for the excitement of the following day doesn’t quite match the glorious illusion you have of completing the install in record time, posting it to Instagram with a cheeky #nailedit, and jumping into bed. There’s nothing Bear Grylls about sitting amongst a pile of trampoline parts in the middle of the backyard, waiting for your significant other to save the day.

Before the night:

    • Watch the installation videos on our website several times so you know how easy it can actually be. 
    • Do a practice run to ensure you have all components, and that they click together like they should. Please call us immediately if you need help with parts.
    • Time yourself… how long will you actually need on the night? Dads, we know you can go faster than that…
    • Get a ladder, torch and mozzie spray ready to go. Not being able to see what kind of creature is eating you alive is a killer. Ha, we kid, the ladder will keep you out of the way of hungry insects, and the torch will make you feel like Indiana Jones.
    • Recruit another set of hands. Two people will make setting up your trampoline (and following instructions) much, much easier. Probably someone you’re happy to listen to though – let’s keep our relationships in tact this Christmas.


On the night:

    • Allow plenty of time to get organised and set up your trampoline. That means leaving the goodies you’ve laid out for Santa alone, and testing driving the remote control helicopter you bought ‘for your children’ after you’ve set up the trampoline.
    • Distract your cherubs as best you can. The best strategy is to wear them out thoroughly on Christmas Eve, and hope they sleep through the cursing, muttering and flailing about you tend to do when you’re under pressure, in the dark, and facing Dengue Fever.
    • Work methodically and follow our instructions. You’ll look like a hero because the trampoline is up on Christmas morning, and not because you’ve put it together blind-folded, solo, and without any help. Just remember - your kids want a trampoline for Christmas, and not a pile of parts you’ve thrown onto the ground in frustration.
    • Have a bounce! Now is the time to have some fun – Christmas isn’t just for kids, and bouncing on a trampoline is fun for everyone.

Good luck with your Christmas preparation everyone! Please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team on 1300 667 514 if you require assistance – they’ll even be at HQ on Christmas day.

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