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Aerobics… on your trampoline!

Flexibility, strength and high energy manoeuvres: aerobics sure is a fun way to stay active! We've gone through Yoga and Pilates on your trampoline, but aerobics isn't a relic of the 80s, and you don't have to do it in front of the TV or at a class!

When teamed with some upbeat tunes and a bouncy trampoline base, our beginner moves will have your heart rate rising and fun levels flying through the roof! Vuly's routine is all about rhythm, and it's made up of basic aerobic moves that are perfect for stretch training, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility boosting.

Trampoline aerobics – Bouncing warm up


Do for 1 minute!

To get those muscles ready for your workout, begin by jumping in the middle of the trampoline mat for a minute. If the weather is cooler, it might be a good idea if you double your warm up time to pump some extra blood and warm up your body.

Trampoline aerobics – High kicks

Do 3x sets of 10!

With your arms straight down by your sides, kick one leg straight out in front of you. Lower it, and then repeat with the other leg. Make sure that you hold your core in tightly to assist with balance. If you can manage it, bounce lightly on the leg that you aren't kicking as you go.

Trampoline aerobics – Diagonal knee lifts


Do 2x sets of 10 (for each leg)!

With your feet positioned shoulder-width apart and fists balled in front of you, draw up one knee across your body—towards the opposite side—and then lower it. Build up momentum by repeating the move on the one side, using the trampoline’s bounce to help with maintaining a rhythm. Once you’ve finished a set of 10, switch to the other leg, and so on.

Trampoline aerobics – Leg swings

Do 3x sets of 10!

This move involves swinging straight, parted legs from side to side, whilst keeping your upper body solid and still. Standing shoulder-width apart, with your hands on your hips, use those hips to swing one leg out to the side; you should be balancing on the one grounded foot. Then, repeat on the other leg, using a small jump in between to switch over. As you build up momentum, you should be quickly jumping from one foot to the other, with your hips controlling the movement.

Trampoline aerobics – Knee punches


Do 3x sets of 20!

The knee punch move involves drawing one knee up high towards the body and punching out the opposite arm, and then rhythmically switching to the other side. Keeping a solid core will help with balance, as will finding a beat to jump to.


Let us know which aerobic moves you love to do on your Vuly trampoline!
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