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Active workplaces: Staying healthy at the office.

Many Australian mums and dads work in an office every day, often spending hours at a time sitting at their desks. Bad posture, unergonomic chairs and lots of screen time are obvious health concerns, but did you know that simply sitting can be the most dangerous activity of all?

We've shown you some of Vuly's own office exercise traditions, but we can't all be blessed with trampolines in the office! Today, we take a closer look at the small changes that you can make to ensure your workplace is as active and healthy as it can be.

Active workplaces – Start moving!

If those in your workplace aren't keen to drop and do push-ups, the easiest path to an active workplace is in encouraging movement. It's so easy for our minds to be completely absorbed by the work in front of us, that we simply forget to get up and move!

Making small amounts of movement a habit that you don’t even need to think about is key. Here are some of our favourite ways to incorporate movement into your daily work routine:


Walk rather than drive: We're not suggesting that you tackle a 45-minute commute by foot! Simply parking a distance from your workplace or train station and walking the rest of the way is enough to have an impact on your fitness. Do this every day and you'll have completed a whole lot more calorie-burning cardio.

Take regular breaks: Moving every 30-60 minutes is ideal for keeping our bodies operating properly. If you have trouble remembering to jump up and move around, set an alarm on your phone to prompt you. A short walk around the office or quick stretch at your desk is all that’s necessary.

Ditch the internal calls: Rather than phoning co-workers in your office building, why not take a short stroll to visit them in person? It's A simple way to ensure that you’re managing your 30-60 minute movement break.


Walk with your phone: Another great way to get some extra steps in during the day is to take a walk every time you receive a phone call, whether you’re in the office or out at an appointment. Incorporating this into your day is a great way to reinforce the habit and keep your levels of physical activity constant, too.

Move during your lunch break: Don't head straight into another chair; ensure that you use your lunch break wisely by walking around for the first half of your allocated time. Go down the street to grab some food, do a quick lap of the block or visit a colleague on another floor for a lunch date.

Work out in your chair: Don’t feel that sitting at your desk needs to be completely sedentary; you simply need to get creative with your exercises! Tummy squeezes, tip-toe calf strengthening or bottom pull-ins are all easy, effective exercises that you can do during work hours (without distracting co-workers).


Have you made any active changes to your work routine? How have you made movement a workday habit?

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