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5 fun bouncing costumes for kids’ trampoline time.

There’s only one thing the kids love more than bouncing on their Vuly trampoline… and that’s bouncing on their Vuly trampoline in costume! Children of all ages adore creating costumes and dressing up in them for imaginative play, so why not get creative with one of our fun costume ideas to make bounce time even more exciting.

5 fun bouncing costumes for kids’ trampoline time—Kangaroo

The perfect bouncing costume for Aussie kids’ trampoline time! Easily whipped up with some brown or grey cardboard, a headband and a belt, the making of this costume requires a little bit of hands on help from mum or dad, then a lot of kangaroo bouncing from the kids on their Vuly trampoline to bring it to life.

Superhero costume.jpg
5 fun bouncing costumes for kids’ trampoline time—Superhero

Which little boy and girl doesn’t love the idea of donning a cape and saving mankind with an amazing magical power? Make their dream a reality by turning their regular trampoline bounce time into superhero bounce time! Simply cut an old sheet into a large square then get crafty by decorating their makeshift cape with painted decorations, glitter, jewels or a prominent superhero symbol.


5 fun bouncing costumes for kids’ trampoline time—Frog

The kids will love bouncing around on their trampoline mat as little green frogs, and the costume couldn’t be simpler. Dress them up in bright green clothing, then simply attach two oversized, cardboard eyes to a headband with sticky tape.


5 fun bouncing costumes for kids’ trampoline time—Bird

Create your son or daughter a beautiful set of bird-inspired wings so they can take flight between bounces on their Vuly trampoline. Simply crafted using old fabric and stretchy elastic rope (to fix the fabric to their shoulders and wrists), decorate their new wings with painted feathers in their favourite colours for the perfect finishing touch.


5 fun bouncing costumes for kids’ trampoline time—Plane

If your child is plane-obsessed, then they won’t be able to get enough of jumping around on their backyard trampoline with their very own set of plane wings. Use thick white cardboard to model a pair of wings from, attaching to their arm with stretchy elastic rope. Then deliver them to their Vuly runway for take-off!

Let us know if you and your kids created any of our fun bouncing costumes. Did they enjoy incorporating costumes into their trampoline time?

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