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5 epic exercises that use your trampoline frame!

We’ve spoken many times about how Vuly’s safe and flexible bouncing mat provides the ultimate workout platform. Did you know that the frame on your Vuly Lift or Lift Pro can be just as useful for home exercise regimes? A strong and stable 'beam' is the starting point for many great exercises! 

Today, we zone in on 5 epic exercises that strengthen and tone simply by using the frame of your Vuly Lift or Lift Pro trampoline! Don't waste time; get out there!

Remember: Never touch the frame of your trampoline while someone is bouncing. 

Trampoline frame exercises – Leaning push ups


This exercise mimics the classic push up, producing toned and defined arms, without the added pressure of being on a horizontal surface.

  • Place both hands just over shoulder width apart on your Lift or Lift Pro trampoline frame, gripping the side for stability.
  • Step out both feet behind you, keeping your legs together. You should be on your toes with your legs completely straight.
  • Lower your upper body towards the trampoline frame by bending your arms – just like in a traditional push up – and extend back to your original push up starting position. Keep your torso strong and tight!

Trampoline frame exercises – Donkey kicks

The perfect exercise for shaping a round and perky behind.

  • Position yourself in your ‘leaning push up’ stance: arms just over shoulder width apart with hands gripping the trampoline frame, legs straight out behind you.
  • Pull one knee up towards your torso, and then kick it up behind your rear, before returning it to its initial hovering position in front of your torso.
  • Complete your desired number of reps, and then switch legs.

Trampoline frame exercises – Torso twists 

This is a fantastic core exercise – strengthening the band of muscles running from your abs around to your back. Core strengthening is particularly helpful for balance, posture and for reducing back pain caused by weak muscles.

  • Position yourself in your ‘leaning push up’ stance, but place your hands together and grip the trampoline frame, with legs straight out behind you.
  • Twist your torso around to your right hand side, starting with your right arm. Slowly extend your arm straight up to the sky.
  • Rotate back to the trampoline frame and your original position, gripping the trampoline frame once more. Switch arms, and continue switching for the desired number of reps.

Trampoline frame exercises – Knee crosses


Another brilliant core exercise that also works your glutes, you can speed this one up for some additional calorie burning!

  • Position yourself in your ‘leaning push up’ stance.
  • Pull one knee up diagonally in front of your torso in a knee kick – twisting your torso slightly – and then touch your toe back to the ground.
  • Complete your desired number of reps, and then switch sides.

Trampoline frame exercises – Arm dips

This exercise is an epic upper-body workout. It starts small and slowly increases your ‘dip’ depth as you progress.

  • Place both hands flat on the top of the trampoline frame, with your arms just over shoulder width apart.
  • Jump up, with your knees bent and toes hovering above the ground. Hold your body weight in your extended arms, as if you’re about to climb onto the trampoline
  • Bend your arms slowly to complete a small body dip, and then straighten them to return to your original position.


We’d love to hear how you went working out with your Vuly Lift or Lift Pro trampoline frame! Are there any other exercises that you've incorporated into your portfolio?



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